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At June Records This Week


Ryan Adams: Gold
Air: Moon Safari
Arcade Fire: Funeral
Bad Brains: S/T
Barr Brothers: Sleeping Operator
Bjork: Debut
Bjork: Post
Caribou: Swim
Chandra: Transportation
Mike Cooper: Places I Know/Machine Gun Club Co.
El-P & Killer Mike: Run The Jewels
Explosions In The Sky: All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
Explosions In The Sky: The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place
Steve Gunn: Way Out Weather
Hiss Golden Messenger: Lateness Of Dancers
Joyce Manor: Never Hungover Again
Pallbearer: Sorrow & Extinction
Sinkane: Mean Love
Sleater Kinney: Start Together (1994-2006 7LP Box Set)
Sleater Kinney: Sleater Kinney
Sleater Kinney: One Beat
Sleater Kinney: All Hands On The Bad One
Sleater Kinney: Dig Me Out
Sleater Kinney: The Hot Rock
Sleater Kinney: The Woods
Sun Kil Moon: Benji (clear vinyl)
Unicorns: Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?
Unwound: No Energy (3LP)
Sharon Van Etten: Are We There
Chad Vangaalen: Soft Airplane
War On Drugs: Lost In The Dream
War On Drugs: Slave Ambient
The Weather Station: All Of It Was Mine
Kanye West: Yeezus (unofficial)
*plus many more

Art Zoyd: Musique Pour L’Odysee
Beatles: 1962-1966 (Red Vinyl)
Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath (OG)
Black Sabbath: Master Of Reality
Brian Eno/David Byrne: My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts
First Love: The First Love (OG)
Guns N’ Roses: Appetite For Destruction
Donny Hathaway: Live
Pierre Henry: Le Voyage
Ahmad Jamal: The Ahmad Jamal Trio
Syl Johnson: Uptown Shakedown (Sealed)
Syl Johnson: Back For A Taste Of Your Love (Sealed)
King Crimson: In The Court Of The Crimson King
John Lennon: Live In New York City
Morrissey: 5uedehead (12”)
Motley Crue: Too Fast For Love
Ozzy Osbourne: Blizzard Of Ozz
Freda Payne: Band Of Gold
Ann Peebles: I Can’t Stand The Rain (US Promo)
The Pop Group: Y (UK OG)
Sagittarius: Present Tense (OG Radio Copy)
Gino Soccio: Outline
Sun Ra: Jazz In Silhouette
The Wailers: Catch A Fire (Die Cut Zippo)
Tom Waits: Closing Time
*plus many more

Featured Releases

Absolutely Free: Absolutely Free. (Arts & Crafts)
Absolutely Free is a trio based in Toronto. The group formulates musical experiments based on instrumentation, compositional structure and other formal qualities ubiquitous to popular rock music. Following years of touring and releasing albums with defunct art punk band DD/MM/YYYY, the members of Absolutely Free set out to create a more hypnotic, patient music that integrates analog electronics, African polyrhythms, psychedelia, Bollywood and Krautrock. Having released a series of well received singles, UFO/Glass Tassel (2012) and On The Beach/Clothed Woman, Sitting (2013), Absolutely Free entered the studio with producer Mike Haliechuk (Fucked Up, Austra) and set out for an ambitious debut, melding elements of their favorite rock and contemporary records spanning the last several decades. While their singles served as brief introductions to their sound spectrum, Absolutely Free. is a proper introduction and perfect example of their ability to hone a diverse spectrum while maintaining a unified narrative. The result displays fragments of Phil Spector, Kraftwerk, Terry Riley, Gang of Four and modern neo-psychedelia.

Apostles: Punk Obituary (Beat Generation)
The Apostles were formed in 1979 in the Islington area, London by Bill Corbet, Julian Portinari, Dan McIntryeand Pete Byng-Hall. With this line-up, the band didn’t play any gigs, but were featured in diverse fanzines such asParoxysm Fear and New Crimes. In the summer of 1981, Andy Martin joined them as vocalist and they played their first gig in September of 1981 and recorded their first demo, The Apostles. With the addition of Martin, the band started to work something out from the anarcho-punk scene, more into mixing diverse sounds such as industrial, English folk, some gospel and avant-garde stuff. In 1982, all the band’s members left except Andy Martin, who called some friends from other bands as Political Asylum and Innocent Bystander to continue with the band’s work. With this new line-up, the band recorded four 7”s and seven 12” LPs between 1984 and 1990.Punk Obituary was originally released by the great Motorhate label, run by the English band Conflict. This album is to anarco-punk what London Calling was to mainstream punk, a total seminal record that helped to create a new sound and style. Also the lyrics turned from anarco-punk themes to more personal and intellectual ones. A total absolute must-have record, for sure. Features replica cover art and inside artwork including a big newspaper/fanzine. Limited edition of 500 copies on 180 gram black vinyl with a gatefold sleeve.
Elia y Elizabeth: La Onda de Elia y Elizabeth (Vampisoul)
The recordings that the sisters Elia and Elizabeth Fleta made, hand-in-hand with music arrangerJimmy Salcedo in the early ’70s in their native Colombia, remained hidden like lost pearls in the undervalued musical pop history of Latin America until today. Their concise and natural mix of styles sways between soft-pop with a touch of tropical-pastoral funk, singer-songwriter sweetened by the subtle perfume of Caribbean music and the psychedelia of a world in the midst of discovering all the possibilities offered by the recording studio. These elements blend graciously and fortuitously, brimming with freshness, in a perfect partnership of sharp melodies with lyrics inspired by a genuine juvenile curiosity about life’s mysteries, love and nature in its simplest forms. Includes a booklet with liner notes by compiler Carlos Icaza and photos from Elia Fleta’s personal archive. 
Eternity: Eternity (Got Kinda Lost Records)
Originally recorded in 1979-1980, and released on a private label in 1981, many songs originate from an earlier period in the ’70s, giving the release an “out of time” quality. Led by the confidant vocals of Wallace Stoneking and the “human-riff” creativity of Frank Monroe, Eternity created a groove-oriented, no-frills brand of hard rock, capturing the flair of their heroes existing a decade prior — and within this set Wallace Stoneking tells of all the surreal interactions and experiences that colored their time together. This set is sure to please fans of ’70s proto-stoner, hard-rock, “out of time” private press treasures, and your uncle who still drives that ‘72 Camaro. Recommended for fans of Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, Nazca Line, Led Zeppelin, Magi, Leaf Hound, and Stagefright.
Foxygen: …And Star Power (Jagjaguwar) 
Foxygen follow up their critically acclaimed 2013 debut album We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magicwith an ambitious romp through the charred fields of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk and the cosmic vortex of Todd Rundgren’s A Wizard A True Star. Foxygen …And Star Power is a cinematic auditory adventure for the speedy freaks, skull krunchers, abductees, and misfits made by Foxygen at Dream Star Studios in their Secret Haunted House with the UFOs flying around in the sky.

Ignatz: Can I Go Home Now? (Fonal)
In 1910, the illustrator George Herriman created the Krazy Kat comic strip. Ignatz, a vicious mouse, was Krazy Kat’s arch enemy, and his favorite pastime was to throw bricks at Krazy Kat’s head (who misinterpreted the mouse’s actions as declarations of love). Brussels-based artist Bram Devens uses Ignatz as his alter-ego, and comes armed with his own pile of bricks; sparse, emotive songs born of the human condition, wrapped in effects, corroded by tape, driven forth by improvisation and spontaneity. Can I Go Home Now? is Ignatz’s first Fonal release, but it is his fifth full-length album — his seventh if you count the Kraak 2011 cassette compilation and 2010’s Mort aux Vaches live LP on Staalplaat. Recorded in Schaarbeek, Brussels, Belgium between 2011 and 2012 on four-track and computer, the album sees Devens shift his focus toward more exclusively song-based compositions, cut largely from unabridged electric and acoustic guitar. Ignatz’s songs stem from a familiar stripped folk framework, with Devens’ delivery recalling the louche primitivism of V.U. or Henry Flynt — but these songs sound inverted, cast adrift, their cool touch belying a stymied heat beneath the surface.
Last Ex: Last Ex (Constellation)
When Timber Timbre’s ambient music for a horror film went unused back in 2012, Simon Trottier and Olivier Fairfield began revisiting the sound palette they had built up for the soundtrack at Trottier’s studio in Hull, Quebec, expanding on their techniques and textures, adding drums, bass and various other instruments. 

The duo found that they had dug into some very fertile territory, writing additional songs throughout 2013 and bringing their obsessions with sound collage, tape-based music concrète and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop to bear on the cinematic lyricism of the initial widescreen guitar and string-based material. Derived from the title of the abandoned film, Simon and Olivier dubbed their new project Last Ex.
Constellation knew nothing of this back story when the label received the Last Ex demos in spring 2014; we just heard a compelling, compact, coherent, highly evocative instrumental album that kept worming its way into our ears. By the tenth time someone in the office said “Let’s play that Last Ex stuff again” – and everyone enthusiastically agreed – it was time to contact the band. This music belonged in the Constellation catalog: an instrumental rock album of superb compositional and melodic sensibility, balancing minimalism and restraint with atmosphere and tone, bound by a refreshingly original approach to production.
Johnny Marr: Playland (New Voodoo)
Written around a common theme of “songs that move at the speed of life,” Playland captures much of the spirit that made The Messenger so memorable with energetic, post-punk songwriting complemented by Marr’s characteristic guitar style, thought-provoking lyrical ideas and poised vocal phrasing. “It’s important to sound like your environment and on this record that’s London and Manchester,” he adds. “The feeling of the cities and the people make it into the music.” The title Playland is inspired by Homo ludens, a 1938 book by the highly influential Dutch cultural theorist Johan Huizinga which explores the concept of play as a precursor and principal element of cultural development.
NehruvianDOOM: The Sound Of The Son (LEX)
NehruvianDOOM grew out of a meeting at London’s famous jazz venue, dive bar, the 100 Club in April 2013 where DOOMand a then 16 year old Bishop Nehru were booked to play. DOOM was immediately impressed by Nehru, an  MC prodigy who has been co-signed by Kendrick Lamar and described by Nas as “the future of music.” After the show, DOOM and Bishop stayed in touch on e-mail, the former sending new beats and the latter sending back his vocals. A year later and a couple of studio sessions behind them, the work has taken shape. The Metal Fingers production, and Nehru’s classic flow makes it sound like they found missing Ampex reels from ’94. Their self-titled release is the first full length studio album produced by DOOM since Take Me to Your Leader in 2003.

Pip Proud: A Fraying Space (EM Records)
Pip Proud, sui generis, could be considered an Australian outsider, with his untutored and uninhibited singing style, his primal guitar playing, his resolutely personal vision captured on recordings from 1967 to the early ’70s — except that, unlike most outsiders, he was loved and accepted, with two of his three album releases on a major label, with frequent television appearances and coverage in music magazines. Heralded in his native land though he was, he maintained a low profile from the early ’70s, never made an impact overseas, and his recordings have been difficult to access. This collection has been selected by Proud’s biographer David Nichols and will engender a new appreciation of Proud’s music. Considered by some as a sort of Antipodean Syd Barrett, listeners will hear that Pip was clearing his own private and primal path, more poet than pop star, despite the media attention. Other than oneVelvets-style band track, all songs here feature Pip solo, some with appealingly primitive overdubs. Fans of ramshackle, oddball, weirdo portastudio, lo-fi bedroom pop of the ’80s, ’90s and beyond, whether of the NZ, UK or U.S. varieties, will find a precursor here.

Throbbing Gristle: 20 Jazz Funk Greats (Industrial Records)
Originally released in 1979, 20 Jazz Funk Greats is Throbbing Gristle’s pop-influenced masterwork. It’s hard to believe the beautiful, conventionally-attractiveCosey Fanni Tutti on this album’s front cover previously gave herself milk and blood enemas in front of a live audience. Additionally, the song “Hot On The Heels Of Love” is far removed from the dissonant nihilism of the previous TG albums. It’s a sleek, minimal synth-pop song that foreshadows Tutti’s later work as Chris & Cosey. Still, 20 Jazz Funk Greats is underpinned by a profound distance from accessibility. The breezy luminosity of “Persuasion” and “Six Six Sixties” is still marked with casual bits of distortion and absurdism. Preceding dark synth-pop (and everything else), TG’s third album is far ahead of its time and still sounds as relevant as ever. The newly cut 180-gram vinyl editions include painstakingly restored cover artworks, using original source material from the Industrial Records visual archive. In addition, each of the vinyl releases includes an exclusive large format 8-page color booklet featuring an abundance of Throbbing Gristle archival material, including some previously-unpublished photos of the band.

Also Reissued:
Throbbing Gristle: The Second Annual Report
Throbbing Gristle: D.O.A.: The Third & Final Report

At June Records This Week

Absolutely Free: Absolutely Free
Ryan Adams: Ashes & Fire
Cannonball Adderley: Somethin’ Else
Tony Allen Plays With Afrika 70: Progress
Alice In Chains: Dirt
Apostles: Punk Obituary
Chet Baker: In New York
Baroness: Yellow & Green
Beach Boys: Friends
Francis Bebey: Psychedelic Sanza
Black Lips: Underneath The Rainbow
Kenny Burrell: Midnight Blue
Kenny Burrell/John Coltrane: Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane
Donald Byrd: Black Byrd
Daniela Casa: Societa Malata
Chemical Brothers: Brotherhood
David Chesworth: The Unattended Serge 1978/ Evolutionary Things 1979
Gary Clark Jr.: Black & Blu
Sonny Clark: Cool Struttin’
Leonard Cohen: Popular Problems
Sam Cooke: Singles Collection
Cousins: The Halls Of Wickwire
Die Antwoord: Donker Mag
Disclosure: Settle
Drake: Take Care
Dr. Boogie: Dr. Boogie Presents 20 Deranged And Smokin’ Cool Cats
Kenny Drew: Undercurrent
Elia y Elizabeth: La Onda de Elia y Elizabeth
Electric Wizard: Time To Die
Electric Youth: Innerworld
Duke Ellington/Charles Mingus/Max Roach: Money Jungle
Eno/Hyde: Someday World
Eternity: S/T
Bill Evans: Sunday At The Village Vanguard
Faust: Faust
The Feelies: The Good Earth
Luc Ferrari: Didascalies 2
Flying Lotus: You’re Dead!
Foxygen: …And Star Power
Nils Frahm: Wintermusik
Nils Frahm: Felt
Nils Frahm: The Bells
Jackson C. Frank: S/T
Serge Gainsbourg/Jane Birkin: Jane Et Serge
Goat: Commune
Gonzales: Solo Piano
Dexter Gordon: Our Man In Paris
Grandaddy: Sophtware Slump
Grandaddy: Sumday
Harald Grosskopf: Synthesist
Herbie Hancock: Speak Like A Child
George Harrison: Early Takes Vol. 1
Joe Henderson: Mode For Joe
Billie Holiday: Lady In Satin
Honey Ltd: Complete LHI Recordings
Bobby Hutcherson: Total Eclipse
Ignatz: Can I Go Home Now?
King Tuff: Black Moon Spell
Kiss: Love Gun
Last Ex: Last Ex
Lowell: We Loved Her Dearly
M83: Red Cities, Dead Seas & Lost Ghosts
Johnny Marr: Playland
Meat Puppets: Up On The Sun
Meat Puppets: II
Medeski, Martin & Wood: Medeski, Martin & Wood
Wes Montgomery: The Incredible Jazz Guitar Of…
N.E.R.D: In Search Of…
NehruvianDOOM: Sound Of The Son
New Pornographers: Brill Bruisers
Karen O: Crush Songs
Roy Orbison: Collection
L. Pierre: The Island Come True
Pip Proud: A Fraying Space
Edith Piaf: La Vie En Rose
Queensryche: Operation: Mindcrime
Eliane Radigue: Jouet Electronique/Elemental I
The Raincoats: The Raincoats
Red Hot Chili Peppers: By The Way
Redman: Whut? Thee Album
Rheostatics: Whale Music
Wayne Shorter: Juju
Wayne Shorter: Speak No Evil
Slowdive: Just For A Day
Slowdive: Souvlaki
Slowdive: Pygmalion
Soungarden: Screaming Life/Fopp
Bruce Springsteen: We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions
Strand Of Oaks: Heal
Thievery Corporation: Richest Man In Babylon
Thievery Corporation: Sounds From The Thievery Hi-fi
Throbbing Gristle: 20 Jazz Funk Greats
Throbbing Gristle: The Second Annual Report Of Throbbing Gristle
Throbbing Gristle: D.O.A.: The Third And Final Report Of Throbbing Gristle
Tops: Picture You Staring
13th Floor Elevators: The Psychedelic Sounds Of…
Chad Vangaalen: Soft Airplane
Jessie Ware: Devotion
V/A: I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age Music In America 1950-1990
V/A: Traces One
V/A: Traces Three
*plus many more

7 Seconds: New Wind (Original Pressing)
Animal Collective: Here Comes the Indian
The Band: The Last Waltz
Black Sabbath: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
David Bowie: Station to Station
David Bowie: Low
David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust
John Coltrane: Meditations
John Coltrane Quartet: Africa/Brass
Chambers Brothers: Unbonded
Chrome: Live in Germany
Miles Davis: Kind of Blue (Original Mono CDN)
Dave and Ansel Collins: Double Barrel
Brian Eno: Discreet Music
Gong: Gazeuse! (UK Original)
Bobby Hutcherson: Total Eclipse
Joy Division: Peel Sessions
Gershon Kingsley: Gershon Kingsley’s First Moog Quartet
Kiss: Love Gun
Motley Crue: Shout at the Devil
Idris Muhammad: Boogie to the Top
Klaus Nomi: S/T
Ozzy Osbourne: Diary of a Madman
Ozzy Osbourne: Back at the Moon
Pizzicato Five: The Sound of Music
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers: S/T
Gerry Olds Trio: Here Goes (2LP)
Pixies: Live in Heaven
Archie Shepp: Mama Too Tight
Terry Riley: Shri Camel
Neil Young: Harvest (US Original)
*plus many more…

Featured Releases

Aphex Twin: Syro (Warp)
Aphex Twin makes his welcome return on Warp Records with the long awaited new album Syro. Richard D. James has been releasing music since the beginning of the ‘90s. His first full-length album, Selected Ambient Works 85-92, came out in 1992 through R&S Records. The first Aphex Twin release on Warp would be 1993’s On EP, which was followed by four studio albums for the label, as well as numerous other EPs. Syro serves as the first new Aphex Twin full-length since 2001’s Drukqs. The oldest of the 12-cuts on Syro were recorded six or seven years ago, but there are a lot of newer compositions included here as well. “I’d stockpiled up so much stuff and you can kind of have to draw a line under it somewhere,” he said to Fader. “By banging something out it, it’s like the end of the chapter. It properly draws a line under it and allows you to move on.”

Caribou: Our Love (Merge)
You reach a point in life where the question of how to stay at the top of your game looms, with the only real solution being: you change the game. Our Love, the new album from Caribou, is the sound of Dan Snaith doing just that. Our Love, out on Merge Records, is the fifth studio album from CaribouOur Love is formed around a mixture of digital pop production, hip hop-inspired beats, muted house basslines, and a love of shuffling garage that can be traced all the way back to the time of Start Breaking My Heart – all of which are, of course, filtered through Dan’s own unique perspective. The warm analog sounds of classic soul should not be overlooked either, for they weave themselves most intensely into the record’s DNA. In fact, Our Love is probably Caribou’s most soulful record to date, with tracks like “Back Home” whose heartfelt lyrics – dealing in tired relationships and a weary kind of love – and organic nature cut through the bubbling synths and blissful euphoria of their synthetic constructions. It’s not all downbeat of course; while some thoughts linger on mortality, loss, and letting go, there is always an element of celebration.
Dan’l Boone: Dan’l Boone (Drag City)
Like the original city dwellers who wanted to reach Planet Rock, like those who wished to originally attain the Trip Metal Moons or those who created the mothership with which to raise the funky planet…you have to create a NEW music to really leave the depressed and turgid and lifeless zones behind and truly get SOMEWHERE. “Somewhere” is the region in which you will find Dan’l Boone. 

Dan’l Boone is Charles Ballas (Formant), Neil Hagerty (ex-Royal Trux, The Howling Hex, etc), Nate Young (Wolf Eyes, Regression ect) and Alex Moskos (Drainolith).

“To create music by reverting to zit-popping thrash, you must believe that the prognosis is so dismal that it takes time to hear them retain enough for your face before summary dismissal.” says Hagerty cryptically over the phone into Charles’ voicemail box. “I’d come downstairs into Charles’ basement and Nate and Neil would be making competing diagrams that represented the record. I was so lost,” says Moskos.
Earth: Primitive & Deadly (Southern Lord)
Earth’s career, like its music, has always been a slow, deliberate progression. Each record slightly removed from the last, a constant refinement of a singular vision. Dylan Carlson has remained focused throughout on coaxing moments of strange beauty and reflection from “the riff.” This elemental foundation of rock is refracted, in their earliest recordings, through the prism of sheer volume and feedbacking drone or, in the twin Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light set from 2011, via a sparse unraveling take on folk.

With Primitive and Deadly, Earth’s tenth studio collection, Carlson and long term foil, drummer Adrienne Davies, manage to pull off the trick of completing an Ouroborean creative cycle, 25 years in the making, whilst exploring new directions inEarth’s music. For the first time in their diverse second act, they allow themselves to be a rock band, freed of adornment and embellishment. Thick, dense and overdriven, melodically rich and enveloping, Primitive and Deadly is Earth reaffirming their position as a singular point in the history of rock. LP version contains one exclusive bonus track: “Baders’ Bane.”

image Ex Hex: Rips (Merge)
Before she joined Carrie Brownstein in the technicolor whirlpool that was Wild Flag, Mary Timony wrote one of the most important ‘90s alt-rock records you might not have heard yet. Helium’s The Dirt of Luck, released on a young Matador in 1995, pirouetted away from grunge with a machine gun rally of loose, dirty hooks. “Pat’s Trick” and “Superball” play out like candy you eat despite the grit caught in the wrapper because it just tastes that sweet. Timony’s lead vocals supplied a human entry point to the band’s twisted, synth-equipped guitar melodies; Helium were from Boston like the Pixies, and the DNA of those alt-rock godfathers ran thick in their cells.

Almost 20 years later, Timony fronts a new act, named after the 2005 album she put out under her own name. Unlike Helium, Wild Flag or her solo work, Ex Hex plays straight-up, hot-blooded punk rock, with Laura Harris and Betsy Wright joining Timony as she weaves through her short-form hooks. Rips, the trio’s debut, has absolutely zero interest in reinventing any wheels. It is big, throaty punk through and through, giving Timony the chance to throw out the old-fashioned hollers that her more idiosyncratic work didn’t have room for.

Fleshtone Aura: Soliloquy For Lieven (Pleasence)
Soliloquy For Lieven is a drastic turn for Toronto sound artist Fleshtone Aura. Instead of his signature sample heavy, tape loop collage psychedelia, Soliloquy For Lieven finds him swimming in an ambient ocean of minimalist synth and field recordings. These sounds, often associated with New Age music, are, when realized by Mr. Zukerman, altogether more ominous in tone; exploring a darker side of personal spirituality. 

Says the artist: “I recorded a bunch of it during a residency on Toronto Island… it was made as a sort of sonic impersonation of Dolphins into the Future, that woefully missed the mark.” Dedicated to Lieven Martens. Mastered by Sandro Perri. Produced in association with Psychic Encumbrance. Hand painted labels. Silk screened foil stamped covers. Insert. Hand numbered. Edition of 100.
Flying Lotus: You’re Dead! (Warp)
Youre Dead! is a shamanic pilgrimage into the psychedelic unknown of the infinite afterlife. A sonic, visual and metaphysical fusion of technological innovation and technical virtuosity that amounts to a transcendent, mind-expanding plasm that could only exist between our world and another. 
The enduring universe of Flying Lotus’ supporting cast has expanded and evolved to feature in order of appearance, Herbie Hancock, Kendrick Lamar, Captain Murphy, Snoop Dogg, Angel Deradoorian, Thundercat, Niki Randa, alongside mindblowing original artwork by Japanese comic book artist Shintaro Kago. ”The album isn’t about the end, it’s really the beginning. Its a celebration of the next experience. Its the transition and the confusion. Its not hey you’re dead. It’s hey you’re dead!” - Flying Lotus
Steve Gunn: Way Out Weather (Paradise Of Bachelors)
In Donald Barthelme’s 1982 story “Lightning,” the narrator, a journalist investigating lightning strike survivors, reflects that “lightning changes things; the soul burns, having been struck by lightning.” He wonders about aesthetic (and supernatural) dimensions—is “lightning an attempt at music on the part of God?” Three decades later, as the catastrophic effects of climate change encroach upon the realms of science fiction, how might our communications and social conventions change, becoming correspondingly weirder and darker? Weather is, after all, both a formulaic conversation starter across cultures and a shared condition that connects us experientially. So what happens when “How about this weather?” becomes a less banal and much more compelling, and dangerous, question?

While ecological unease worries at the edges of Steve Gunn’s bold new full-band album Way Out Weather—the breathing sea of the billowing title track, the bad wind and moon over “Wildwood,” the polluted pyramid and blue bins in “Shadow Bros,” the desert heat sickness of “Atmosphere”—the resonance of the title is primarily metaphorical and oblique. Written largely while on tour, the record is an elliptical but seductive travelogue, more engaged with navigating foreign (“way out”) emotional landscapes, and with grasping at universal threads of language and narrative, than with bemoaning rising sea levels.

Despite the album-opening lyric to the contrary, “Way Out Weather” is an uncommon song in Steve Gunn’s discography. Sonically and lyrically the album demonstrates a radical evolution, lighting out for lusher, more expansive, and impressionistic territories; it’s his first major work as an artist for whom the studio provides a critical context. A more enigmatic and elevated affair than its predecessor, Way Out Weather completes Gunn’s satisfying transformation into a mature songwriter, singer, and bandleader of subtlety and authority. It ranks as most impressive and inviting record yet, an inscrutable but entirely self-assured masterpiece.
SBTRKT: Wonder Where We Land (Young Turks)
Since the release of his debut album in 2011, SBTRKT has cemented his role as one of the most acclaimed electronic artists and performers around. What began as praise in his hometown of London has now reached to every corner of the globe. Wonder Where We Land follows his now critically acclaimed eponymous debut album and a recent series of six instrumentals called Transitions – which existed to join the creative dots between the first and second albums. Album sessions began on Osea Island, a tidal island in an estuary off Essex where the winding coastal road is submerged for 8 inches every 12 hours. It was here that SBTRKT began the early stages of the recording process, inviting a host of collaborators to join him to record throughout the night free from any distraction – the tapes continuously rolled, animation was projected on the walls and every creative impulse was documented. 

Inspired by this new ‘open’ method of recording, and ready to focus his new found ideas into more intense sessions,SBTRKT visited America armed with a wish list of collaborators to track down. It was here he worked with newcomer Raury,Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend, A$AP Ferg and Emily Kokal from Warpaint.

At June Records This Week


Aphex Twin: Selected Ambient Works Vol. II
Aphex Twin: I Care Because You Do
Aphex Twin: Richard D. James Album
Aphex Twin: Syro
Burial: Rival Dealer
Caribou: Our Love
Clean: Anthology
Cocteau Twins: Heaven Or Las Vegas
Dan’l Boone: Dan’l Boone
Earth: Primitive & Deadly
Electrelane: The Power Out
Ex Hex: Rips
Fleshtone Aura: Soliloquy For Lieven
Flying Lotus: You’re Dead!
Steve Gunn: Way Out Weather
Interpol: Turn On The Bright Lights
SBTRKT: Wonder Where We Land
*plus many more

Kevin Ayers: The Confessions Of Doctor Dream
Ornette Coleman: Ornette on Tenor
Ornette Coleman: Tomorrow is the Question
Ornette Coleman: Dancing in Your Head
Coloured Stone: Human Love (Signed Australian OG)
Cowboy Junkies: The Trinity Session
Cream: Disraeli Gears
Holger Czukay: Movies (UK Press)
Richard Davis & L.D. Levy: Cauldron
Eddie Drennon & B.B.S. Unlimited: Collage
Brian Eno: Ambient 4
Bill Evans: Interplay
Fantastic Four: I Got To Have Your Love (12”)
Fairport Convention: Liege & Lief
Maynard Ferguson Sextet: Radio Canada International Transcription
Al Green: Let’s Stay Together
Lee Hazelwood: Trouble Is A Lonesome Town (Sealed LHI Stereo 1969)
John Lee Hooker: Folk Blues
Kalyan: Disco Reggae (12” Single)
Gershon Kingsley: Music to Moog By
Kinks: Great Lost Kinks Album
Led Zeppelin: III
Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti
Robert Margouleff & Malcolm Cecil: Tonto’s Expanding Head Band
Neil Merryweather: Space Rangers
Olivier Messiaen: 3 Petites Liturgies (Francais)
Van Morrison: Astral Weeks
Jaco Pastorius: Word Of Mouth
Jaco Pastorius: Jaco Pastorius
Public Enemy: Fear Of A Black Planet (OG)
Roxy Music: For Your Pleasure
Harry Nilsson: Nilsson Schmilsson
Slade: Nobody’s Fools
Smoke City ft. Starr: Lots Of Love (12” Single)
Staple Singers: Be Altitude: Respect Yourself
Morton Subotnick: Silver Apples Of The Moon
Tragically Hip: Up To Here
When in Rome: The Promise
V/A: INCredible Sound of Gilles Peterson
Neil Young: Comes A Time
Neil Young: Decade
Zapp: Computer Love (12” Single)
Frank Zappa: Hot Rats
*plus many more

Featured Releases


Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs: Gates Of Hell (Southpaw Records)
From countryesque ballads, to power-pop anthems, to straightforward punk rippers…and everywhere in between: Sam Coffey is no stranger to evolution or variety. With “Gates Of Hell” the band finally unloads an agglomeration of it all! This is their first proper full-length, and it’s bound to explode power-pop hearts everywhere! Four of the more anthemic tracks were recorded by Ben Cook of Fucked Up and Young Guv fame (among a slew of other projects). Coffey tracked the rest of the record himself as the band grew into their own. A serious lineup change from a four piece to a six piece, and a move from the scenic views of Waterloo, ON to the more bustling streets of Toronto, ON have proven to be positive exercises for Coffey’s songwriting. “Gates Of Hell” finds the band successfully crossing the sounds of The Exploding Hearts and Thomas Function while Coffey plays ringleader, bellowing the band forward with a Strummeresque yowl. Mixing the classic overblown power-pop of a group like Cheap Trick with the updated simplistic sound of the current garage-rock explosion isn’t an easy task, but Coffey n Co. pull it off seamlessly. AND don’t for a minute think this is your dad’s teenage puppy-love power-pop record: Coffey is the next demonic denizen bound to melt your face (and heart) with happily haunting melodies and emotionally charged deliveries. The title says it all “Gates Of Hell”. For fans of The Nerves, The Dentists, The Exploding Hearts and The Romantics. Includes digital download code. 

Leonard Cohen: Popular Problems (Columbia)
IPopular Problems, his thrilling new studio album, Leonard Cohen gets down into the avenues of our dreams and sets a new tone and speed of hope and despair, grief and joy. Cohen here is an astonished lover rocking to the human condition as “the soul unfolds in the chambers of its longing.” His legendary basso resonates as never before with a presence and urgency that arises from the very depths of the heart. The clarity and strength of these nine hypnotic songs will have us singing them over and over. In collaboration with co-writer Patrick Leonard, Popular Problems is a masterpiece from the ever-fresh imagination of a musical legend whose songs continue to captivate new listeners and devoted fans.


Das Rad: Radiation (Pleasence)
A pummeling successor to their EP, Das Rad’s first full length album rides some smokey, super heavy psych-rock vibes while still flirting with with the dark post punk mumblings of Siouxsie Sioux and Mark E Smith.

Electric Wizard: Time To Die (Spinefarm)
Visually intoxicating, uncompromisingly heavy and revered for making music and lifestyle one, Electric Wizard have completed work on their new studio album, Time To Die, the band’s first release through Spinefarm Records. Formed by vocalist/guitarist Jus Oborn in 1993, Electric Wizard (based in the UK’s South-West) have thus far released seven studio albums – an increasingly influential body of work recorded on vintage analogue gear with as little technology as possible intruding on the signal.

Result: some of the heaviest, dirtiest, most evil-sounding audio ever put to tape, and more importantly to vinyl, with bothCome My Fanatics (1997) and Dopethrone (2000) being lauded as landmark releases. A cultural as well as a musical force,Electric Wizard have left an indelible mark on a host of different genres, the likes of doom, stoner and sludge; at heart, however, they stand as an iconic British metal band, cast in the great tradition, with lyrics and artwork reflecting the hypnotic weight of the music, and subject to the same intelligence and detail.
Fela Kuti: Vinyl Box Set #3 (Curated By Brian Eno) (Knitting Factory)
Knitting Factory Records is proud to release the third of the long-awaited vinyl reissues from the Fela Kuti catalog. These seven albums - London Scene (1971), Shakara (1972), Gentleman (1973), Afrodisiac (1973), Zombie (1976), Upside Down (1976) and I.T.T. (1980) - were chosen by long-time admirer, Brian Eno. In addition to the seven 180g LPs, the box set also includes a 12″ x 12″ 12-page book that includes a forward from Eno, album notes from Chris May, translated lyrics, photos from Bernard Matussiere and 16.5″ x 22.5″ poster.
Fela’s discography stretches from the mid 1960s with Fela Ransome Kuti & His Highlife Rakers, to the early 1990s with Egypt 80, and there are masterpieces all along the way. But the 1970s, with Africa 70 and then Afrika 70, was the decade during which Fela’s Afrobeat went through its most dramatic changes – musically and politically.
Says Box set curator, Brian Eno, “Before about mid-September 1973 I didn’t have much interest in polyrhythmic music. I didn’t really get it. That all changed one Autumn day when I walked into Stern’s Record Shop off Tottenham Court Road. For reasons I’ve long forgotten, I left the store with an album that was to change my life dramatically. It was Afrodisiac by Fela Ransome-Kuti (as he was then known) and his band The Africa 70.”
Limited to 2000 copies.
Talib Kweli: Quality (Universal)
Originally issued in 2002, Quality is Talib Kweli’s critically acclaimed solo debut. To lay the sonic foundation for Quality, Kweli enlisted many of the era’s leading producers including Ayatollah, Megahertz, Kanye West, Jay Dee, Dj Quik, Dj Scratch and The Soulquarians. He also collaborated with a host of guest notables including label-mates Mos Def, Pharaohe Monch and Cocoa Brovaz and newly-signed soul-singer Novel, along with Black Thought, Res and Bilal. Although he had experienced success in his earlier incarnations, no album before it exemplified his tremendous ability better than Quality and it was a compelling sign of his artistic and personal maturation. Includes the Kanye West-produced single “Get By.” 

image The Rural Alberta Advantage: Mended with Gold (Paper Bag)
Two key elements led to the band composing the most fully-realized work of their career: the band’s road warrior status and the chance to take full advantage of their time in the studio this time around. The trio spent months shaping the songs, sometimes first on keyboard, then guitar (and visa versa), and taking others on the road to workshop live.

While the sonics have now evolved, through the help of long-time live sound engineer Matt Lederman co-producer Leon Taheny (Owen Pallett, Austra, Fucked Up), the plaintive lyrics and creative arrangements that helped define the band have remained. Standout tracks “Terrified”, “On The Rocks”, “Runners in the Night”, and “Vulcan, AB” confront ideas of love, loss, and heartbreak through the pain of going through such experiences and the person that comes out on the other side of it.


Shintaro Sakamoto: Let’s Dance Raw (Other Music)
From first glimpse of the cover of Let’s Dance Raw, it’s clear that once again, we are entering uncharted territory. The record’s sleeve, painted by Sakamoto, features the artist sitting upon a black throne, a steel guitar resting on his knee like a child being protected from the ominous mushroom cloud of smoke billowing behind him. A grinning skull has replaced Sakamoto’s face. This dichotomy of bright, innocent beauty and subtle perversity is the essence of Let’s Dance Raw, with Sakamoto moving even further from the tough underground power-trio psychedelic rock of his former band.

It’s all anchored by deep, jazzy grooves straight out of a 1970s AM radio broadcast, and peppered with flourishes of Brazilian and Latin percussion throughout. Atop the music, Sakamoto sings of the human race’s downfall, the weight of the lyrics made contrastingly perverse via duets with robotic vocoder voices and helium-voiced cartoon chipmunks cooing in an unsettling fashion alongside him. While Sakamoto once again handles the bulk of the instrumental duties, faithful drummer and percussionist Yuta Suganuma also returns for this set, as well as bassist AYA, on loan from fellow Japanese psychedelic explorers OOIOO.

At June Records This Week


Beck: Morning Phase
Beach Boys: Pet Sounds
Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs: Gates Of Hell
Leonard Cohen: Popular Problems
Das Rad: Radiation
Electric Wizard: Time to Die
Eno/Hyde: High Life
John Fahey: Blind Joe Death
Fucked Up: The Chemistry Of Common Life
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib: Piñata
Lauryn Hill: The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill
Fela Kuti: Vinyl Box Set # 3 (Curated By Brian Eno)
Talib Kweli: Quality
Method Man: Tical
Mos Def & Talib Kweli: Black Star (Pic Disc)
MV & EE: Lazy Light (7” edition of 200)
Oasis: What’s the Story (Morning Glory)
Christopher Owens: A New Testament
Shintaro Sakamoto: Let’s Dance Raw
Roots: Things Fall Apart
Rural Alberta Advantage: Mended With Gold
Ayal Senior: False EgoDub / Hypnotic Regression #2 (Lathe Cut 7”)
Sufjan Stevens: Michigan
Sufjan Stevens: Enjoy Your Rabbit
Sufjan Stevens: Seven Swans

After Hours: Flex The Wave
Ataraxia: II
Ross Baker/Tranzmit: Split
The Beverleys: The Beverleys
Black Walls: Mary of the Shrines
Blunt Chunks: Blunt Chunks (Cassette + Zine)
Body LVL/Hobo Cubes: Split
Cousins: The Halls Of Wickwire
Das Rad: Das Rad
Different Skeletons: Devils
Digits: Shake Your Body Down
Drew Dahle & Brian Ruryk: The Johnny Guitars
Dark Horses: Alone
Demonstration Synthesis: DS3 
Demonstration Synthesis: DS8
Demonstration Synthesis: DS11
Elrichman: Young, Healthy & Wonderful
Colin Fisher & Mike Gennaro: Sine Qua Non
Fleshtone Aura / Brian Ruryk: Split
Form: Trips
Karl Fousek: Codicil
Glass Tomb: Dealers
Glass Tomb: 2000 & Tomb
Brandon Gray: Apres Midi
Gunwale: Red Earth
Hexzuul / Fog Spirits: Split
Hobo Cubes: The Vision
I Have Eaten The City: Secret Paths
Island Park: Island Park
Evan A. James: Evan A. James
Japanese Treats!: *E468 
JFM: Squat
JK: Babysitter II
Khora/Nick Kuepfer: Split
The Knot/Aaron Lumley: Split
Man Made Hill: Lotsa Thoughts
Marvelous Mark: Marvelous Mark
Memory Leaks Onto The Rug: OOOOOOOO
Moves: Tape
New Fries: Fresh Face Forward
New Positions: New Positions
Nite Audit: The Audlot
No Knot Of Tubes (Superhexen): Kapali Carsi
Not The Wind, Not The Flag: Medusa 14 
OmHouse: Mooneye
Operators: EP1 
The Piss: Superstition
Rohypnotise: Rohypnotise
Brian Ruryk: Country Style Guitar And Blues
Seeami: Health&Safety
Semen Priest: Semen Priest
Semen Priest: Disco Horribilis
Several Futures: Narrative Collapse
Sexy Merlin: Heater
Silent Land Time Machine / Moonwood: Split
Solar Fox: Infinity Rituals
Soupcans: Altered States
Space Collective 3: Live At Outfest
Strange Mountain: A Quiet Dynasty
Surely I Come Quickly: Lost Reverie
Téléphone Maison: Toujours Partout
Maylee Todd: Escapology
Tonkapuma / Hut / Trans Defonce: Split
Toronto Homicide Squad: Nein Bullets
Totenbaum Träger/Projet Muet: Split
U.S. Girls: Early Works
Uvesen: III
V/A: Hand Drawn Dracula: XIV
Wasted Cathedral: Pleasant Valley
Wether: Alien Lizard
Woods: Smoker’s Choice Live Vol. 1 
Zacht Automaat: We’re Glad You Agree
Zacht Automaat: I Can Feel The Mold In Me (Dead Slow, No Wake)
Zacht Automaat: Smart Candle                

Johnny Adams: Heart & Soul
Albert Ayler: Spiritual Unity (Italian 80’s Pressing)
Bakersfield Boogie Boys: Bakersfield Boogie Boys
The Beatles: Love Songs
Bernard Bonnier: Casse-Tete
Cocteau Twins: Blue Bell Knoll
Leonard Cohen: Songs Of Leonard Cohen (OG Canadian)
The Cure: Pornography
Miles Davis: Kind Of Blue
Bob Dylan: Another Side Of Bob Dylan
Brian Eno: Discreet Music
Aretha Franklin: The Gospel Sound Of Aretha Franklin
Fripp & Eno: Evening Star
Fleetwood Mac: Rumours
Joy Division: Closer
Madlib: Beat Konducta Vol.3: In India
Barbara Mason: Transition
Mazzy Star: She Hangs Brightly (OG American)
Meredith Monk: Turtle Dreams
New Order: 1981
Pink Floyd: Obscured By Clouds
Pink Floyd: Animals
David Porter: Sweat & Love (Sealed)
David Porter: Gritty, Groove, & Gettin’ It (Sealed)
Public Enemy: It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back (OG Canadian)
Ramones: End Of The Century
Replacements: All Shook Down (OG German)
Roxy Music: For Your Pleasure
George Russell: Othello Ballet Suite: Electronic Organ Sonata No. 2
Pharaoh Sanders: Jewels Of Thought
Archie Shepp: Four For Trane
Paul Simon: The Rhythm Of The Saints
Stars: Set Yourself On Fire (OG 2004 Alt. Cover)
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Mantra (OG German)
Tangerine Dream: Alpha Centauri/ATEM (German 2-in-1)
V/A: Verve Remixed
Tom Waits: Closing Time
Tom Waits: Heartattack & Vine
Tom Waits: Foreign Affairs
Nick Waterhouse: Time’s All Gone
*plus many more

Featured Releases


Alt-J: This Is All Yours (Atlantic)
This Is All Yours (Liberator Music/Infectious Music) is the highly anticipated sophomore album from English rock act Alt-Jnow comprised of a trio featuring Joe Newman (guitar/vocals), Gus Unger-Hamilton (keyboards) and Thom Green (drums). They released their debut album, An Awesome Wave to critical acclaim in June 2012. The album sold over a million copies, won the Mercury Music Prize in November 2012 and was nominated for British Album of the Year at the Brit Awards in February 2013. 

The New York Times called the band’s sound “a handsome alloy of dry acoustic timbre and reverberant effect, suggesting a very British convergence of texture-minded electronic music and psychedelic folk.” This Is All Yours is home to lead single “Hunger Of The Pine” which samples Miley Cyrus’ “4x4,” and follow-up “Left Hand Free” which Consequence Of Sound says “…packs a lot more of oomph than the normal synth-driven sound we’re accustomed to hearing from the band.”

Aphex Twin: Syro (Warp)
Aphex Twin makes his welcome return on Warp Records with the long awaited new album Syro. Richard D. James has been releasing music since the beginning of the ‘90s. His first full-length album, Selected Ambient Works 85-92, came out in 1992 through R&S Records. The first Aphex Twin release on Warp would be 1993’s On EP, which was followed by four studio albums for the label, as well as numerous other EPs. Syro serves as the first new Aphex Twin full-length since 2001’s Drukqs. The oldest of the 12-cuts on Syro were recorded six or seven years ago, but there are a lot of newer compositions included here as well. “I’d stockpiled up so much stuff and you can kind of have to draw a line under it somewhere,” he said to Fader. “By banging something out it, it’s like the end of the chapter. It properly draws a line under it and allows you to move on.”

Bonnie “Prince” Billy: Singer’s Grave - A Sea of Tongues (Drag City)
"At the locus of five corners, mythos is in the wind; a sea of tongues boils forth, mountains spurting forth from the magma. Bonny sings for who he was and will be, and for all of us, in time." -Drag City
Can: Ege Bamyasi (Spoon)
Can’s wide-reaching influence has never diminished, and their indelible mark is apparent in subsequent acts who freely acknowledge their importance – from Portishead, James Murphy, New Order, Wilco, Stereolab, Public Image Ltd, Mogwai, Kanye West, Radiohead, The Fall, Ariel Pink, Fuck Buttons, Sonic Youth, and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Ege Bamyasi, originally released in 1972, is the fourth album from the German rock experimentalists and follow-up to their critically acclaimed 1971 album Tago Mago. The album finds the band transitioning from the edgy excursions of their earlier albums to the more nuanced ambience of their later fare, a sound that would lend itself to many soundtrack opportunities. 

Ege Bamyasi features the single “Spoon,” which became the theme tune for the crime thriller “Das Messer” and also the band’s first chart success in Germany. The track, which was the first time that Can used an early version of a drum machine, led to a Goldene Europa TV award in recognition of the band’s soundtrack work. The album also included the music from another TV crime series in the form of “Vitamin C.”

"I played Can’s Ege Bamyası album every night before I went to sleep for about three years." - Stephen Malkmus
Also Reissued: 
Can: Monster Movie (Spoon)
Can: Soundtracks (Spoon)

Can: Tago Mago (Spoon)
Die Antwoord: Donker Mag (Zef Recordz)
Donker Mag is the third full-length from South African rap/rave duo Die Antwoord - consisting of Ninja (Watkin Tudor Jones) and Yo-Landi Vi$$er (Anri Du Toit) - following 2009’s $O$ and 2012’s Ten$Ion. The 16-song set will be issued onDie Antwoord’s own Zef Recordz label and is preceded by the two lead singles “Cookie Thumper” and “Pitbull Terrier” and their always evocative supporting videos. 
"Die Antwoord is like no other band on the planet, having earned their kitschy, South African Zef-side superlative through a combination of badboy raunch, à la frontman Ninja (Watkin Jones), intriguing high-pitched asides from the spirited Yolandi Visser, and a gutterpunk club-kid vibe that pulses off producer DJ Hi-Tek." - Dan Pfleegor, Consequence Of Sound
Goat: Commune (Sub Pop)
There is no direct association between mysterious Swedish psychedelicists Goat and Argentinian master of magical realism, Jorge Luis Borges. Yet their mission appears to be the same. Borges generated his ideas from historical curiosities across the globe - knife duels on the South American plains, Middle Eastern heresiarchs, Chinese pirates - and twisted them into fictions that blurred the lines between footnotes and outright fantasy. Goat’s sound is the sonic embodiment of this principle, working heavy psych-rock, Nigerian afrobeat, German krautrock, Anatolian funk, and a host of other micro-niches into a hallucinatory celebration of rock’s diverse manifestations. 
“Goat is mainly a symbol of sacrifice. To sacrifice the individual for the collective good. To become one with the rest of humanity and universe,” said an unnamed Goat conspirator in a rare correspondence. With that philosophy, Goat is propagating their crossbred music and mysticism by sharing Commune with the world. And, while we’ll never see Goat’s faces on the cover of a glossy magazine, their intoxicating conjurations are poised to infiltrate our collective psyche with the subversive magical allure of a Borgesian fable.
Hiss Golden Messenger: Lateness of Dancers (Merge)
Hiss Golden Messenger is Durham, North Carolina-based songwriter M.C. Taylor. Lateness of Dancers is his fifth full-length under the moniker. It’s an open, confident, immediate album, and it feels, at times, like a direct response to the darkness of Taylor’s last record, 2013’s Haw, or to the searching of 2010’s Bad Debt, the stunning acoustic LP he made at his kitchen table shortly after the birth of his son. 

It is a record about self-discovery and self-knowledge, and how impossible it is to outsmart yourself. I don’t know how you learn a lesson like that, except the hard way. “The misery of love is a funny thing / The more it hurts / The more you think / You can stand a little pain,” he sings on “Mahogany Dread,” one of Lateness’ most telling tracks. These are the kinds of lies we tell ourselves to feel the things we want to feel, even when those pleasures are buried in a whole lot of hurt.
King Tuff: Black Moon Spell (Sub Pop)
King Tuff’s new record is called Black Moon Spell. It was produced and recorded by Bobby Harlow at Studio B in Los Angeles, California, in the hot winter of 2014. No one involved was prepared to make a record, but an invisible hand pushed them to do it. Perhaps it was God or that special someone we all know and love called The Devil. God and The Devil actually have very similar interests. 
They both love electric guitars and they both want you to listen to Black Moon Spell and freak the fuck out. There were many strange occurrences during the recording session- Dracula landlords, flashes of mysterious light, haunted microphones, songs that mixed themselves, demonic vortexes swirling in coffee cups, etc.
Under the Black Moon Spell you may experience euphoria, demented visions, wet dreams, bouts of backwards laughter, and dazed confusion resulting in primordial dancing. Fire played a very important role in the making of this album. King Tuffloves fire. For some reason, no one can really explain how the Black Moon Spell came to be. It just appeared one day and demanded heavy rock music and meatball subs. 
Merchandise: After the End (4AD)
Merchandise is a band fighting against the easy categorization reserved for abbreviated biographies. The project is equal parts punk misanthropy, maudlin balladeering, fine art, low humor, classical study, psychedelic spacecasing, mad science and pop genius. Formed as a trio in Tampa, FL in 2008, the band has undergone ceaseless revision and reinvention. 
After putting out numerous records and tapes on independent punk labels and touring the underground, the band truly hit its stride with the release of their second LP Children of Desire in 2012. In addition to a very warm reception from fans, the record received praise from critics across the board as well. 2013 then saw the band releasing Totale Nite on Iowa City’s Night People label and touring extensively throughout America and Europe.
Like their albums before them, After The End was recorded and produced by the band, this time over a six-month period in the house they share in Tampa. A real achievement in showing what bands can achieve themselves, the only outside influence came when they enlisted mixing help from Gareth Jones - the man famed for his work with Tuxedomoon, Depeche Mode’s Berlin Trilogy of Construction Time AgainSome Great Reward, and Black Celebration, and more recently Interpol, These New Puritans and Grizzly Bear.
Shellac: Dude Incredible (Touch & Go)
Dude Incredible is Shellac’s - Steve Albini (guitar), Bob Weston (bass) and Todd Trainer (drums) - fifth LP. Recording took place sporadically over the past few years at Albini’s Electrical Audio studios in Chicago, Illinois. The 9-track record was then mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road. 
Audio quality is paramount, as always, with Shellac. The LP was mastered entirely in the analog domain, using the DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) process. The LPs are being manufactured at RTI in Camarillo, CA, using their HQ-180 system. The pressings are 180 gram audiophile quality. The LP version of Dude Incredible come packaged in a chipboard album jacket with two high gloss, full color monkeys on the front cover. The LP also includes a CD of the full album. 
Other than the information found here, Shellac’s Dude Incredible will have no formal promotion. There will be no advertisements, no press or radio promotion, no e-promotion, no promotional or review copies, no promotional gimmick items, and otherwise no free lunch.
Stella Ella Ola: I Think We Should Hang Out All the Time (Royal Mountain)
Stella Ella Ola is the soundtrack to your summer BBQ. Leading the way is front woman Anne Douris, whose bold style and lyrics make you want to put on some sunglasses and dance the way you do when you’re at home in nothing but your underwear. This sing-along style group also includes brothers Nick and Jake Boyd, and Vince Rice on drums. They make songs that are scrappy and short, and always fun. image
Teenanger: E P L P (Telephone Explosion)
“Teenanger have never been an easy band to peg — 2012′s Frights found the band kind of, but not quite, shrugging off their garage-y past, while 2013′s Singles Don’t $ell rode the line between direct punk poppiness and a new wave sheen. As the title suggests, E P L P is a continuation of the band’s ambivalence toward stasis or definition, sounding like a culmination of all of their previous ideas while still incorporating some new ones into their honed hooks.

Most notably, Jon Schouten has opted for a sharper, crunchier guitar tone throughout the record, giving everyone else a bit more room to step up and be heard. Bassist Melissa Ball’s backup vocals play a greater role, even taking the lead on “Mild Survivor.” The changes might be slight, but like the bleating saxophone solo on “Twisted,” or the stabs of synth on “Negative Zeroes,” they’re essential to giving E P L P a sound that’s difficult to classify easily, while still making it distinct from its predecessors.” -Exclaim

Tweedy: Sukierae (dBpm/Anti)
Tweedy, the band, is a collaboration between Jeff Tweedy, best known as the founder of the pioneering Chicago rock bandWilco, and his 18-year-old son and drummer Spencer Tweedy. In September 2014 dBpm Records in conjunction withANTI will release Sukierae (sue-key-ray), the debut release by the aptly-monikered duo. Sukierae features 20 new songs penned by Jeff, performed by Tweedy father and son along with a host of musical guests. 
“When I set out to make this record, I imagined it being a solo thing, but not in the sense of one guy strumming an acoustic guitar and singing,” Jeff said. “Solo to me meant that I would do everything – write the songs, play all the instruments and sing. But Spencer’s been with me from the very beginning demo sessions, playing drums and helping the songs take shape. In that sense, the record is kind of like a solo album performed by a duo.”
X: Aspirations (Ugly Pop)
The Sydney band’s 1979 debut is one of the all-time great Australian records, a devastatingly tough yet diverse album featuring 14 tracks of superb punk rock, equal parts wiry tension and savage release. This antipodean classic has fallen out of print again in recent years but should always be available, so Ugly Pop is pleased to announce that we’ll be reissuing it with new insert and unseen photos.image
X: X-Spurts (The 1977 Recordings) (Ugly Pop)
Before their legendary debut LP, X recorded a demo session— ten tracks of incredibly tense, desperate Australian punk then somehow forgotten for the next 35 years. Absolutely essential stuff for fans of the era, coming across like nothing so much as a berserk mix of “Pink Flag”, early Black Flag and the toughest early AC/DC, or Gang Of Four as played by belligerent Australian drunks.

37 years on, Ugly Pop presents the first ever vinyl appearance of this seminal document.

At June Records This Week


24 Carat Black: Ghetto - Misfortune’s Wealth
Ryan Adams: Cold Roses
Ryan Adams: Demolition
Ryan Adams: Easy Tiger
Alt-J: This is All Yours
Aphex Twin: Syro
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti: The Doldrums
Bad Religion: Recipe for Hate
Erykah Badu: Mama’s Gun
Chris Bell: I Am the Cosmos
Black Keys: El Camino
Black Keys: Rubber Factory
Blonde Redhead: Misery is a Butterfly
Bonnie “Prince” Billy: Singer’s Grave - A Sea of Tongues
Can: Ege Bamyasi
Can: Monster Movie
Can: Soundtracks
Can: Tago Mago
Charles Bradley: Victim of Love
David Byrne & St. Vincent: Love this Giant
John Cale: Paris 1919
Gene Clark: No Other
John Coltrane: Ellington & Coltrane
Leonard Cohen: Songs from a Room
Daft Punk: Discovery
Daft Punk: Homework
Darkside: Psychic
Death Grips: The Money Store
Deerhunter: Halcyon Digest
Die Antwoord: Donker Mag
Dirty Projectors: Bitte Orca
Dr. Dog: Be the Void
Ned Doheny: Separate Oceans
John Fahey: Blind Joe Death
Flamin’ Groovies: Shake Some Action
Flying Burrito Bros: Gilded Palace of Sin
Foo Fighters: In Your Honour
Foo Fighters: The Colour and the Shape
Simon Frank: Double Image
Funkadelic: America Eats its Young
Funkadelic: Maggot Brain
Funkadelic: Cosmic Slop
Goat: Commune
Germs: GI
Grateful Dead: Anthem of the Sun
Grateful Dead: Aoxomoxoa
Grateful Dead: S/T
Grateful Dead: Workingman’s Dead
Grouper: A I A: Dream Loss
Iggy Pop: The Idiot
Iron & Wine: Our Endless Numbered Days
Isley Brothers: Twist and Shout
Isaac Hayes: Hot Buttered Soul
Janis Joplin: Pearl
Jesus and Mary Chain: Psychocandy
Joy Division: Unknown Pleasures
King Tuff: Black Moon Spell
Madvillain: Madvillainy
Mastodon: Crack the Skye
Metallica: And Justice for All
Metallica: Kill ‘Em All
Metallica: Ride the Lightning
Gram Parsons: GP
Gram Parsons: Grievous Angel
Paul McCartney: Band on the Run
Paul McCartney: Ram
MGMT: Oracular Spectacular
Misfits: Walk Among Us
Misfits: Collection
Misfits: Static Age
Modest Mouse: Good News for People Who Love Bad News
Thelonius Monk: Monk’s Music
Outkast: Aquemini
Outkast: ATLiens
Ozzy Osbourne: Blizzard of Ozz
Ozzy Osbourne: Diary of a Madman
Pavement: Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
Pearl Jam: Ten
Pearl Jam: Vitalogy
Liz Phair: Exile in Guyville
Portishead: Third
Judas Priest: Screaming for Vengeance
Pusha-T: Fear of God II: Let Us Pray
Ty Segall: Melted
Shellac: Dude Incredible
Nina Simone: The Amazing Nina Simone
Slint: Spiderland
Spiritualized: Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space
Strokes: Angles
Smog: Dongs of Sevotion
Sonic Youth: A Thousand Leaves
Dusty Springfield: Dusty in Memphis
TLC: CrazySexyCool
Tweedy: Sukierae
Townes Van Zandt: Flyin’ Shoes
Townes Van Zandt: Our Mother the Mountain
Kurt Vile: Smoke Ring for My Halo
Lucinda Williams: World Without Tears
Ween: Chocolate and Cheese
Jack White: Lazaretto
Wilco: A Ghost is Born
Wilco: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Wilco: The Whole Love
X: Aspirations
X: X-Spurts (the 1977 Recordings)
Neil Young: A Letter Home
Yo La Tengo: Fakebook
V/A: Music for Dancefloors - The KPM Music Library
*plus many more

Abner Jay: Folk Song Stylist         
Abner Jay: The True Story of Abner Jay     
Cecil Barfield: South Georgia Blues                
Ali Birra: Ammalele                                
Boubacar Traoré: Boubacar Traoré And His Guitar
George Coleman: Bongo Joe
Dead Moon: Defiance                                 
Dead Moon: Unknown Passage                                 
Harafin So: Bollywood Inspired Film Music from Hausa Nigeria
L’Orchestre Regional de Mopti: Les Meilleurs Souvenirs De La 1ere Biennale Artistique et Culturelle de la Jeunesse
One Of You: S/T                 
Ti Paris: et Sa Guitare
Washington Phillips: What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?
Lewlewal de Podor: Yiilo Jaam
Pheno S.: Kani
Marika Papagika: S/T      
Henry Thomas: Bull Doze Blues                            
Su Wai: Gita Pon Yeik     
V/A: Pop Music From Republique Du Niger (Cassette)
V/A: The Way Up The Hill: 20 Gospel Hits Of The 1970s (Cassette)
V/A: A Dirge Of The Sea Gods (Cassette)    
V/A: Street Musicians of Yogyakarta (LP+7”)                 
V/A: I Don’t Feel At Home in this World Anymore (Mississippi)
V/A: Last Kind Words (Mississippi)                

Alice Cooper: Pretties for You
Boards of Canada: Music has the Right to Children (RE)
David Bowie: Diamond Dogs
James Brown: Funky People (Part 2)
Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man
Dinosaur Jr.: Just Like Heaven
Amon Duul: Vive La Trance
ESG: ESG Says Says Dance to the Beat of Moody (12” EP)
The Exploited: On Stage
Fifth Column: All-Time Queen of the World (Sealed)
Klark Kent: S/T
Donny Hathaway & Quincy Jones: Come Back Charleston Blue (OST)
Great Speckled Bird: S/T
Jimi Hendrix: Axis-Bold as Love
Dave Holland/Sam Rivers: S/T
John Lee Hooker: On Campus
John Lee Hooker: If You Miss ‘Im, I Got ‘Im
Mauricio Kagel / Dieter Schnebel: Hallelujah / Für Stimmen (…Missa Est)
LCD Soundsystem: This is Happening
John Lennon: Mind Games
Buddy Miles: Them Changes
Motorhead: What’s Words Worth (Pic Disc)
Perth County Conspiracy: Alive
Pink Floyd: A Nice Pair
Primus: Fizzle Fry
Pharaoh Sanders: Thembi
Sex Pistols: God Save the Queen (12”)
Skinny Puppy: Bites
Smiths: Meat is Murder
Snoop Dogg: Doggystole
Sonic Youth / Lydia Lunch: Death Valley ’69
Bruce Springsteen: Nebraska
Sweeney Todd: S/T
2Pac: Greatest Hits (4LP)
Troggs: Love is All Around
Wikka: S/T (12”)
Stevie Wonder: Music of My Mind
Dana Valery: Not the Flower But the Root
Vangelis O. Papathanassiou: Earth
Yellow Magic Orchestra: Multiples
Neil Young: Trans
Frank Zappa: Uncle Meat
V/A: Mojo Club Presents - Dancefloor Jazz Vol. 3
V/A: Folk Music of Rumania
*plus many more

At June Records This Week


Hey everyone,

Not a ton of vintage LPs to mention this week, but tons of 45s just hit the floor for your digging pleasure. Lots of rock, soul and reggae - simply too many to list each one!

See you soon,


Mac DeMarco: Salad Days
Fleet Foxes: S/T
Fleet Foxes: Helplessness Blues
Hiss Golden Messenger: Lateness of Dancers
Hollerado: Record in a Bag
Jamiroquai: Travelling Without Moving
Merchandise: After the End
Stella Ella Ola: I Think We Should Hang Out All the Time
Teenanger: E P L P
Ty Segall & White Fence: Hair
Ty Segall: Twins
Ty Segall: Manipulator
Shellac: Dude Incredible
White Fence: Cyclops Reap
Adrian Younge Presents: Venice Dawn - Something About April
V/A: The Dynamic Label (Numero)
*plus many more

James Brown: Live at the Apollo
James Brown: I Got You (I Feel Good)
James Brown: Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag
Kenny Burrell: Midnight Blue
King Crimson: Starless and Bible Black
King Crimson: In the Court of the Crimson King
King Crimson: Larks’ Tongues in Aspic
Curved Air: Air Conditioning (UK Original)
Deep Purple: In Rock
Dimentia 13: S/T
Dr. John: Gris-Gris (UK Original)
Eddie Kendricks: Love Keys
Taj Mahal: The Natch’l Blues (UK Origina)
Taj Mahal: Giant Step (UK Original)
Bruce Springsteen: Live 75-85 (5LP Box)
Tasavallan Presidentti: Milky Way Moses
*plus many more

Featured Releases

Ryan Adams: Ryan Adams (Blue Note)
He did it his way. Ryan Adams, who over the past 20 years has deservingly cultivated one of the most loyal and large followings in contemporary music, steps out on his own on this highly anticipated solo record appointed with his trademark storytelling, probing lyrics, and soulful voice. Adams self-produced the self-titled set at his own Pax Am Studios in LA, and is releasing it on his own imprint with distribution from the iconic Blue Note label. Extending the critically acclaimed style and vein of 2011’s Ashes & Fire, the record continues Adams’ artistic resurgence and creative vitality that followed his rebound from several chemical addictions. You need to hear this album, especially in analog. image
The Beatles: 11 albums in Mono + 14 LP Box Set (EMI)
The Beatles’ original mono studio albums remastered at Abbey Road directly from the analogue masters for vinyl release. 180-Gram LPs Available now, individually and in a limited 14-LP boxed edition with hardbound book.
Benjamin Booker: Benjamin Booker (ATO Records)
New Orleans-based singer-songwriter Benjamin Booker sounds years ahead of his 25-year age on this thrilling self-titled debut. His husky, raspy, nicotine-coated voice is spackled with raw soulfulness and Southern grit. His songs spark with blustery blues, high-intensity boogie, amplified folk, and guitar-driven punk. Smeared with greasy hooks and danceable rhythms, Benjamin Booker announces the launch of a rock n’ roll emissary that connects lines between the old Delta and contemporary scenes with charisma, verve, and purpose.image
Death From Above 1979: The Physical World (Last Gang)
The wait is finally over. Ten long years after Death From Above 1979’s highly successful debut album, 2004’s You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine, the band will drop its not so patiently awaited follow up, The Physical World, produced by D. Sardy (Red Hot Chili Peppers, LCD Soundsystem, Wolfmother, Oasis).

The 11-song set comes a decade after that universally acclaimed debut, which made Jesse F. Keeler (bass, synths, backing vocals) and Sebastien Grainger (vocals and drums), an underground sensation who quickly transitioned to mainstream. DFA 1979 broke up in 2006 while the first album and subsequent remix album continued to sell inexplicably. The guys decided to reunite in 2011 and began to perform live, picking up where they left off without missing a beat. Their rabid cult has only continued to amass just as inexplicably.
The New Pornographers: Brill Bruisers (Matador)
Brill Bruisers is the first new release in four years from the acclaimed supergroup The New Pornographers, who NPR calls “virtually peerless in the world of power-pop and indie-rock.” Additionally, the New Yorker describes the band’s music as, “…magnificent and clever…,” while Stereogum proclaims, “In recent history, no group has featured so much formidable established talent, collaborating on a regular basis.” 

Produced by band-members John Collins (bass) with AC Newman, the 12-track album was recorded primarily at Little Blue in Woodstock, NY and at JC/DC Studios in Vancouver B.C. with additional recording in Austin, Brooklyn and Vermont. Of the album, lead-singer and main songwriter AC Newman comments, “This is a celebration record. After periods of difficulty, I am at a place where nothing in my life is dragging me down and the music reflects that. We wanted Xanadu and we wanted Sigue Sigue Sputnik, which translated into sparklier and faster.”

Massively melodic, Brill Bruisers is joyous pop music helmed by the soaring vocals of Neko Case, Dan Bejar (Destroyer) and Newman himself. Not since Twin Cinema has the band sounded so deliriously, goofily happy. The record boasts sonic heft and song after song of inventive arrangements, wry lyrics and driving force. This is absolutely one of the most fun - yet deep - albums of 2014.

Royal Blood: Royal Blood (Warner Music)
Brighton, UK act Royal Blood's ferocious riff based attack is the result of just two men – vocalist/bassist Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher. The duo’s self-titled debut on Warner Bros. Records follows-up their well received EP Out of the Black from earlier in 2014 and was co-produced with Tom Dalgety. 
A mixture of anguished vocals, savage drumming and primal bass that provides intricate detail as well as a rumble of rhythm, Royal Blood comes from a lineage that stretches from present day heroes Queens of the Stone Age to Led Zeppelin, and all the way back to early blues pioneers. Their explosive 10-track debut is ushered in by first two singles - “Little Monster” and “Come On Over.” Album artwork by Dan Hillier.
"We’re not quite sure how, but Mike Kerr makes his bass guitar sound like Armageddon itself: even The Black Keys needed six strings to do what Royal Blood have done with four. Coming in at just over half an hour, their debut is a fast-and-dirty rock ’n’ roll smash-and-grab, with plenty going on under the bonnet." - James Manning, Time Out London

At June Records This Week


Ryan Adams: S/T
Bahamas: Bahamas is Afie
Beatles: 11 Albums in Mono + the 14LP Box Set!
Big Star: #1 Record
Big Star: Radio City
Blonde Redhead: Barragan
Benjamin Booker: S/T
Death From Above 1979: The Physical World
Interpol: El Pintor
Jack Ruby: Jack Ruby Vol. 1
King Crimson: In the Court of the Crimson King
Liars: Mess
Madlib: Shades of Blue
Morrissey: World Peace is None of Your Business
Motorhead: Ace of Spades
New Pornographers: Brill Bruisers
Owen Pallett: In Conflict
Pyramids: King of Kings
Pyramids: Lalibela
Royal Blood: S/T
Strokes: Room On Fire
Jack White: Lazaretto
*plus many more

[[[VVRSSNN]]]:[[[VVRSSNN]]](K Records, edition of 500)
Cro Mags: Revenge (Signed, Blood Red Splatter Vinyl)
Miles Davis: Filles De Kilimanjaro
The Doors: Weird Triangle (Bootleg)
Electric Chairs: Electric Chairs (Signed by Jayne County)
Funkadelic: Hardcore Jollies (Promo EP)
Funkadelic: One Nation Under A Groove (w/7”)
Joy Division: Shadowplay (UK Bootleg, edition of 400)
Pat Kelly: A Lonely Man
Joey Lewis & His Orchestra: Plays Yuh Cyar Get
Michael Mantler: Jazz Composer’s Orchestra Box
Revillos: Rev Up (Signed)
Shadow: Return Of The Bassman
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Kaleidoscope (Signed by Siouxsie!)
Ernie Smith & The Roots Revival: Don’t Down Me Now/To Behold Jah (12” Single)
Strawberry Alarm Clock: Strawberries Mean Love (German)
Tangerine Dream: Green Desert (Sealed)
Julie Tippet (Driscoll): Sunset Glow
V/A: Mister Garager’s Neighbourhood (Sealed)
V/A: Psychedelic Unknowns Vol. 5
*plus many more

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