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Alien City: Alien City (Unofficial)
Unbelievable/beautiful handmade LP reissue of this amazing sub-underground masterpiece from Seattle 1979: not much is known about Alien City but what we do know is that it was the obsessive personal project of one Jon Turnbow who saw it as a concept album based around ideas of “the incarnation of celestial visitors” and who is rumoured to have spent some time in an insane asylum after the LP came out. Originally privately released in an edition of 500 copies, this ultra-limited/handmade edition represents its first ever reissue and the first time it has been even remotely available. Alien City have a damaged/moody glam side to their avant garage, mainlining Bowie with alla the no count élan of fellow wasteland glam units like Victoria Vein & The Thunderpunks, Debris, Crime, Germs et al while cutting it the kinda extended basement prog that would marry Jane From Occupied Europe-era Swell Maps and the fist Vertical Slit LP (which in many ways is the only ‘true’ contemporary reference point). Turnbow’s vision of day-glo basement UFO communion has some of the reality-warping appeal of a Doctor Mix And The Remix circa “Sister Ray” and the song stylings are the equal of an Alastair Galbraith or Peter Gutteridge but the feel is so irradiated that it could almost be a moody/hermetic basement re-think of the second Chrome album. One of the major weirdo unearthing of 2014, very limited supply, make your move! Highest possible recommendation!” -David Keenan/Volcanic Tongue


Cold Specks: Neuroplasticity (Arts & Crafts)
Neuroplasticity is the second full-length offering form Canadian artist Cold Specks. Recorded at Montreal’s Hotel2Tango and Toronto’s Revolution Recordings studios, the album was produced by Jim Anderson and mixed by Anderson and Ben Hillier (Blur, Depeche Mode). Neuroplasticity is the follow-up to the highly acclaimed 2012 debut, I Predict a Graceful Expulsion.

The 26 year-old Canadian singer, under the sobriquet Al Spx, began work on Neuroplasticity while holed-up in a cottage in Wick, Somerset during the winter of 2012. “In retrospect, I probably didn’t choose the most ideal season to live there,” she deadpans. “The record was mapped out in the cottage. I was there for about three months,” she says, “’A Formal Invitation’, ‘Old Knives’ and ‘Absisto’ were essentially written there. They are the more unusual songs on the record. I may have been reflecting on my surroundings. Have you ever been to Glastonbury? It’s a pretty fucked up place.”
Contributions to Ambrose Akinmusire’s new record for Blue Note and the latest Swans album To Be Kind left a significant impression on Neuroplasticity. The indomitable Swans founder Michael Gira appears midway through on “Exit Plan,” and Akinmusire joins him on the holocaust of a closer “A Season of Doubt” as well as permeating most of the record with trumpet lines of an anguished, cracking frailty.

Heldon: Allez-Teia (Superior Viaduct)
Allez-Téia, the second album by French guitarist Richard Pinhas under the Heldon moniker, was originally released in 1975 on the artist’s own Disjuncta imprint. Far from the band’s prog-tinged trio lineup, Allez-Téia features a menagerie of guitars, Mellotron and analog synthesizers.

While opening track “In the Wake of King Fripp” pays homage to King Crimson in its title, the album’s heady textures and rhythmic meditations are more reminiscent of the German Kosmiche movement (Cluster, Harmonia, et al.) and post-rock experimentalists, such as Jim O’Rourke and Gastr del Sol. Acoustic guitar even makes a rare appearance on the beautiful and melancholy “Aphanisis.”
With front cover artwork depicting the events of May ’68 in Paris (by renowned photojournalist Gilles Caron), these dark ambient sounds make Allez-Téia perhaps the most revolutionary release in Heldon’s influential catalog, foreshadowing Pinhas’s incredible solo work for decades to come.

Brigitte Fontaine: S/T (Superior Viaduct)
Never one to settle on a single musical style, Brigitte Fontaine followed up her debut, Est Folle, and her astonishing collaboration with The Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Comme A La Radio, with the most eclectic release of her lengthy career, 1972’s Brigitte Fontaine. It is telling that Fontaine chose an eponymous title for her third album, the sole release from her venerable ’70s catalogue attributed to her alone. Here the actress-cum-singer has finally arrived.

From the introspective opening track, simply named “Brigitte,” seductive melodies perfectly hang above slithery bass lines and acoustic strumming. On “Moi Aussi,” a sparse and trance-like duet with long-time collaborator Areski, Fontaine muses, “They put me in a cage and after they told me ‘You fly down.’” Brigitte Fontaine is an unmatched European art-pop masterpiece anchored by both vocal and lyrical dexterity – in many ways, Fontaine’s most compelling work and an excellent entry point for those unfamiliar with this unique French icon.


Fela Kuti: Sorrow, Tears and Blood (Knitting Factory)
Over a decade a half after his death, vindication has come to Fela Kuti, Africa’s musical genius. AfroBeat, his gift to the world, is now an international staple on his own uncompromising terms, social content intact. Throughout his life, Fela contended that AfroBeat was a modern form of danceable, African classical music with an urgent message for the planet’s denizens. Created out of a cross-breeding of Funk, Jazz, Salsa and Calypso with Juju, Highlife and African percussive patterns, it was to him a political weapon.

Fela wrote the title track of this album as a response to the Soweto Uprising of 1976 in which thousands of South African students protested the forced teaching of Afrikaans, the colonial language of Apartheid. During the uprising and the ensuing riots, hundreds of students were killed. The song calls out killings that have gone on in the name of authority and totalitarian rule as well as the instruments of repression of colonial Africa – the police and the army. In this way the song indirectly references the brutality that Fela and his family have experienced in the series of raids on his family compound, the Kalakuta Republic. The musical composition parallels the somber tone of the lyrics; focused and direct, the track avoids the bombastic funk of many of Fela’s compositions.
Also Re-Issued: 
Fela Kuti: Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense (Knitting Factory)
Fela Kuti: Confusion (Knitting Factory)

Craig Leon: Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1 (RVNG International)
Craig Leon’s seminal synthesizer albums Nommos and Visiting are finally re-editioned in definitive form as the Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1 for RVNG Intl.’s archival series. Issued respectively by John Fahey’s Takoma record label in 1980 and Leon’s Arbitor private press in 1982, Nommos and Visiting were the twin brainchildren of studio wizardCraig Leon. Leon’s production was pivotal in realizing the debut recordings by Ramones, Blondie, Richard Hell and Suicide. While those albums broke ground in new worlds of sound, Leon’s own debut album was arguably, if not literally, more alien.
In 1973, the Brooklyn Museum hosted a comprehensive collection of sculptures by the Dogon of the Republic of Mali, a tribe whose religion is based in reveries and recollections of a visit from an extraterrestrial species they named Nommos. Years after experiencing the exhibit, Leon remained fascinated by the idea of alien visitors sharing not just stories of their home-planet, but musical traditions as well. For the classically trained Leon, a puzzle was presented and a challenge in place: what would music sound like if handed down from an ancient alien species? And how best to imagine it?

While reissues and bootlegs have appeared to relieve the demand for these records, this collection will stand as definitive versions authorized by Craig Leon himself. The vinyl edition will be housed in a 2xLP set that includes detailed artwork and two essays by Leon. The first tells the complete story of the stargazing Dogon people and their prescient understanding of cosmology. The second details Leon’s adventure in creating the Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1, an epic story bookended on this side of history as one seamless synth classic.
Pallbearer: Foundations of Burden (Profound Lore)
In the short time that they’ve been a band, Little Rock, Arkansas’ Pallbearer have set a new standard for modern-day doom metal. The band’s debut full-length, 2012’s Sorrow and Extinction, made a massive impact not only in the metal scene, but crossed over to wider audiences in the mainstream as well, landing on numerous “Best of 2012” lists and garnering acclaim from tastemakers across the board. 
Pallbearer followed the release by touring with the likes of St. Vitus, Boris and Enslaved, and performing at Roadburn, Hellfest, Maryland Death Fest, Scion Rockfest, Fun Fun Fun and Hopscotch. With their sophomore full-length, the band has taken it to the next level, unleashing a followup even more glorious than its predecessor. If Sorrow and Extinction left its mark on the metal scene, Foundations of Burden will be the stuff of legend.

Souls of Mischief: There is Only Now (Linear Labs)
There Is Only Now, the sixth album from legendary hip-hop group Souls of Mischief, is a cinematic crime tale of love, loss, and revenge. A conceptual collaboration with producer Adrian Younge and the first release on his freshly-launched Linear Labs Records label, the album serves as a bookend to two decades of music since the release of the group’s seminal debut album,‘93 Til Infinity.

Souls of Mischief and Adrian Younge have created a hip-hop album unlike any other. The result of a special moment for all involved, both parties feel the album represents the best work of their careers. There Is Only Now proves that after two decades in the rap game, hip-hop’s Fab Four remains committed to the expansion of their legacy as pioneers and innovators of hip-hop.
Sun Ra: Church Organ 1948 (Unofficial)
SUN RA’s trademark glee-spree sprawl dipped into the cosmic glitter of nothingness, alone in a empty church with his vivid and endless imagination as co-pilot. If Gene Moore’s Carnival Of Souls soundtrack makes you want to take it with you forever and drive off a bridge, here are more smiling golems of interplanetary lost-world haunts to pepper your eerie day. Pressed on one-sided colored vinyl. Paste on-covers. Edition of 600.

Velvet Underground: Chelsea Girls (Unofficial)
"Glorious hand-numbered/handmade LP in an edition of only 300 copies that issues The Velvet Underground’s legendary soundtrack to Andy Warhol’s 1966 Chelsea Girls movie on vinyl for the first time: The Velvet Underground soundtracked parts of Chelsea Girls, specifically the section known as “The Gerard Malanga Story”, and it’s a remarkable piece of music. This is the holy sound of The Velvets at a ghostly, non-corporeal peak, playing in a loose free style that combines the black-hearted drone of the first LP with the feel of sad, melodic pop music denuded of anything but endless denouement. Lou’s guitar sounds heavenly chimes around barely stated phantom chord patterns, almost like a Disintegrations Loops-style re-think of fragments from “Sunday Morning” or “All Tomorrow’s Parties”, before sending them floating out into deep space. In many ways this is closest to a blueprint for the way contemporary underground groups like Vibracathedral Orchestra mined the Velvets sound for the keys to the horizon and here it feels like Reed, Cale, Morrison and Tucker are truly riding all the way into the sun, flashing on transmuted moments of psych rock, revved up R n B and classic American pop while extrapolating them into endlessly unfolding paeans to a long-gone New York moment. Impossibly beautiful, melancholy, otherworldly, just too much. Classily packaged in all hand-made/paste-on sleeves and pressed on coloured wax, you know the deal. This shit is gonna fly out, so make your move: this is the real holy sound of American pipe. Very highly recommended." - David Keenan/Volcanic Tongue

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Alien City: Alien City (Unofficial)
BadBadNotGood: III
Bikini Kill: Bikini Kill EP
Broken Social Scene: You Forgot it in People
Broken Social Scene: S/T
Broken Social Scene: Feel Good Lost
Circulatory System: Mosaics Within Mosaics
Cold Specks: Neuroplasticity
Cold Specks: I Predict a Graceful Expulsion
Darcys: Warring
Gord Downie, the Sadies & the Conquering Sun: S/T
Patrick Grant & The Flesh Vignettes: Gather All Around You (Cassette)
Heldon: Allez-Teia
Feist: Let It Die
Feist: The Reminder
Brigitte Fontaine: S/T
Julia Holter: Tragedy
Jungle: S/T
Fela Kuti: Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense
Fela Kuti: Confusion
Fela Kuti: Sorrow, Tears and Blood
Craig Leon: Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1
Outkast: Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
Pallbearer: Foundations of Burden
Parquet Courts: Sunbathing Animal
Ty Segall: Manipulator
Souls of Mischief: There is Only Now
Space Lady: Space Lady’s Greatest Hits
Sufjan Stevens: Illinoise
Stars: Set Yourself on Fire
Sun Ra: Church Organ 1948 (Unofficial)
White Fence: For the Recently Found Innocent
Timber Timbre: Creep On Creepin’ On
Timber Timbre: Hot Dreams
Timber Timbre: S/T
Timber Timbre: Cedar Shakes
Velvet Underground: Chelsea Girls (Unofficial)
Zeus: Busting Visions
Zeus: Say Us
*plus many more

George Berry: Plays New Orleans
Birthday Party: Prayers on Fire
Jerry Butler: Great Soul Hits
Cerrone: 3
Dark Day: Window
Fad Gadget: Fireside Favourites
Grateful Dead: Live/Dead (German)
Freddie Hubbard: Here To Stay
Luther Ingram: If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Right
Robert Johnson: King of the Delta Blues Singers
LFY: Growing Seeds
Lebanon Hanover: Why Not Just Be Solo
The Meters: Here Come The Metermen
Nico: Chelsea Girl
Pas De Deux: Cardiocleptomanie
Prince: Sign O’ The Times
Queen Samantha: II
Rocket From The Tombs: The Day The Earth Met The Rocket From The Tombs (Original Pressing)
Lalo Schifrin: Enter the Dragon OST
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Once Upon A Time/The Singles
S.O.S. Band: S.O.S.
Spacemen 3: The Perfect Prescription
The Undertones: The Undertones (Original Pressing)
Yardbirds: Shapes Of Things
Yellow Magic Orchestra: S/T
V/A: Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 2
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble: Texas Flood
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble: Couldn’t Stand The Weather
The Whitfield Brothers: In The Rain
*plus many more

Featured Releases


Bahamas: Bahamas Is Afie (Brushfire/Republic)
Afie Jurvanen isn’t from the Bahamas. He’s a Finnish-Canadian from Barrie - a working class town in rural Ontario. But his chosen epithet is fitting. Since 2009 he’s been making music under the name Bahamas - writing songs about sunsets, love affairs, and making out with crooked smiles. Through simple arrangements, he charts an escape route from the snow belt to the coral reefs. His new album, Bahamas Is Afie, will be issued in August 2014 on Brushfire Records/Universal.

Bahamas is Afie is a coming of age record. Self-titled and self-produced – it is the next step in the evolution of Jurvanen’s songcraft, guitar mastery, and melodic pop hooks – following his previous full-lengths Pink Strat (2009) and Barchords (2011).Bahamas is Afie remains a sparse, moving, headphone album, complemented by a more developed arrangement of strings, brass, winds, orchestral percussion, and chamber choruses that transport the listener from moving seas to a search for strength, to a place of resolve and comfort.


Cymbals Eat Guitars: Lose (Barsuk)
"Wanna wake up wanting to listen to records / But those old feelings elude me / I raise a toast to the rock n’ roll ghost," sings Cymbals Eat Guitars frontman Joseph D’Agostino on the hyper-adrenalized “XR,” which sounds like a Tonight’s the Night outtake recorded at triple speed, with its braying harmonica and spitfire vocal delivery. It’s the track that perhaps best captures the spirit of the band’s third LP, Lose, one of coping with abject loss and grief by rediscovering what you’ve always loved, as difficult as it may be - he redemptive power of music. For D’Agostino, this entailed coming to terms with his best friend and musical collaborator Benjamin High, who passed away suddenly seven years ago, just as Cymbals Eat Guitars began recording in earnest. 

"Lose is a very apropos title because it refers not only to losing Ben, but also it’s about a sort of nostalgia, a longing for a time when music meant everything to you and your friends, and it seemed like one great rock record could change everyone’s life the way it changed yours," says D’Agostino. "It’s about being in mourning for your long-held belief that music could literally change the world. That’s the contradiction at the heart of Lose…You’re disillusioned, but somehow you can do nothing else but rail against that feeling mightily and try, once again, to make a record that makes you and everyone else ‘wake up wanting to listen to records’.
And indeed, the band, rounded out by bassist Matthew Whipple, keyboardist Brian Hamilton, and drummer Andrew Dole, alongside producer John Agnello, do little wallowing. This is a raucous affair, an Irish Wake, ultimately rooted in nothing less than a celebration of just being alive.

Moonwood: Hexperience (Arachnidiscs)

Live Mixtape: 2012-2014. Improvised segments extracted from live performances. Deep, heavy, drone-infused jams never played before or since. All would have been lost to time if not for the vigilant recordists. Captured at various Toronto psych zones. 


Naomi Punk: Television Man (Captured Tracks)
Over the last four years, Olympia-based punk trio Naomi Punk – featuring singer/guitarist Travis Coster, guitarist Neil Gregerson, and drummer Nic Luempert – have been lighting up DIY warehouses and large concert halls alike with their singular brand of mid-tempo, cathartic punk. Commencing their breakout  2012 debut ‘The Feeling’, Naomi Punk return to the fold with their sophomore record, ‘Television Man’ – their first for Captured Tracks. A key fixture in the Northwest DIY punk scene, Naomi Punk channel a similar energy to their contemporaries (Milk Music, Broken Water, Vexx, Gag) and their fore bearers (Wipers, Dead Moon, Nirvana) while cultivating a body of work and aesthetic that is wholly their own. Home recorded in Olympia, Washington over the Fall and Winter of 2013, and mastered by Rick Fisher at RFI, ‘Television Man’ is a collection of oblique punk anthems and collaged instrumental pieces which best showcases the cathartic aggression that has become their signature.


Octoberman: What More What More (Ishmalia)
It’s hard not to notice how much of Octoberman’s 5th album What More What More wrestles with the subject of death. A rumination on the loss of loved ones, friendships, or simply the world as he knows it, hope still permeates Toronto-based songwriter Marc Morrissette’s vocals.

Engineered and mixed by Andy Magoffin at the House of Miracles in Preston, Ontario with additional tracking in Toronto courtesy of Annelise NoronhaJustin Nace and Tavo Diez de Bonilla, this folk-rock offering expands further upon 2012’s Jim Guthrie co-produced Waiting In The Well (Saved By Vinyl). Alongside Morrissette (vocals, guitar), the familiar line-up of Marshall Bureau(drums), Shaun Brodie (trumpet), Tavo Diez de Bonilla (bass), Randy Lee (violin) as well as newest member J.J. Ipsen (guitar, piano) and Andy Magoffin (horns) come together to round out the sounds. With mastering for CD / Digital done by Joao Carvalho, the vinyl version, which includes four bonus songs including Jonathan Richman and Andy Swan covers, was handled by John Golden.


Clinton St. John: The Minor Arkhana (Medicine Records)
Storyteller, vocalist, and visual artist formerly of The Cape May and Pale Air Singers, the man known as Flemish Eye Records’ poet laureate recorded with Steve Albini and toured across Europe and the USA as a member of Nina Nastasia’s band before venturing out on his own.

This ten track album sees the release of ten stripped down songs with beautiful arrangements incorporating vibraphone, clarinet, trumpet, cello and also violin, viola and mandolin of three-time Juno award-winner, Jesse Zubot (Dan Mangan, Hawksley Workman). Produced by Sub Pop’s Chad Van Gaalen, and recorded in his Calgary studio, ‘Yoko Eno’, this album is a sophisticated and lush offering that demonstrates the unique and intuitive songwriting talents of St. John. With beautiful and dense lyrical content and haunting melodies, this album is definitely his most accessible work to date.


Reverend Moon: Coyote Gospels (Arachnidiscs)
High-bias C44 cassette with gold print on smokey shells. Includes unlimited streaming of Coyote Gospels via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

"Reverend Moon has released one of the most immediate and essential albums of this year… Some of the numbers may put you in mind of Dylan; that is no bad thing—there is no intention to mimic or overthrow the master. What ‘Coyote Gospels’ does is to instill some of Dylan’s particular moments— the anger and apocalypse of his early work; his Christianity works towards the ’80s; some of his latter-day wonder—around songs that cover a spectrum of subjects: religious truths, Satan and God; strange and weird dreams; dangerous street scenes etc. ….’Drinking With Jesus’ is an insanely gripping and memorable story; something destined for the big screen—a song you will be quoting endlessly. Looking at murderous avenues and disreputable evil, it grips you and haunts your soul- how many other tracks can do that? …. no other act has presented 13 songs that sounds and play like this …. I sure as hell hope that another album is coming. Like his countryman legends Neil Young and Leonard Cohen; Reverend Moon mixes an evocative and stirring voice with intelligent and witty songs that explore love, life and religion. The early numbers … are quirky and stunningly strange; unlike anything I have heard, they are filled with wonderful images. When proceedings look at death, religion and questioning; the album becomes profound and investigative …. The master of sonic innovation and intrigue, there is no a flat moment or insincere thought on ‘Coyote Gospels’ — it is as dangerous, imperious and wonderful as the title itself." ~ Music Musings and Such

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Arctic Monkeys: Humbug
Ariel Pink: Before Today
Erykah Badu: Mama’s Gun
Bahamas: Barchords
Bahamas: Bahamas is Afie
Art Blakey: Moanin’ (Music Matters 33RPM)
Beyonce: S/T (2LP+DVD)
Big Star: 3rd
James Blake: S/T
Blood Orange: Cupid Deluxe
Boards Of Canada: Music Has The Right To Children
Boogie Down Productions: Criminal Minded
Tina Brooks: True Blue (Music Matters 33RPM)
John Carpenter: Prince of Darkness OST
John Carpenter: Halloween II OST
Chvrches: Bones Of What You Believe
John Coltrane: Blue Train (Music Matters 33RPM)
The Cure: Disintegration
Cymbals Eat Guitars: Lose
J Dilla: Ruff Draft
Deafheaven: Sunbather
Nick Drake: Bryter Layter
Bill Fay: S/T
Flying Burrito Bros: Gilded Palace of Sin
Goblin: Roller
Goblin: Il Fantastico Viaggio Del Bagarozzo
Goblin: Contamination
Goblin: Buio Omega
Goblin: Amo Non Amo
Dexter Gordon: Go (Music Matters 33RPM)
Joe Henderson: Page One (Music Matters 33RPM)
The Knife: Silent Shout
Kendrick Lamar: Good Kid M.A.A.D. City
Libertines: S/T
Mazzy Star: So Tonight That I Might See
John Mayer Trio: Try!
Moonwood: Hexperience (Cassette)
Naomi Punk: Television Man
Octoberman: What More What More
Offspring: Smash
Ought: More Than Any Other Day
Parquet Courts: Light Up Gold
Parquet Courts: Sunbathing Animal
Pavement: Wowee Zowee
Linda Perhacs: Parallelograms
Liz Phair: Exile in Guyville
Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Pink Floyd: Division Bell
Primus: Sailing the Seas of Cheese
PS I Love You: For Those Who Stay
Pusha T: Fear of God II: Let Us Pray
Reverend Moon: Coyote Gospels (Cassette)
Replacements: Tim
Clinton St. John: The Minor Arkhana
St. Vincent: St. Vincent
Stereolab: Emperor Tomato Ketchup
Sleep: Dopesmoker
Solids: Blame Confusion
Spoon: They Want My Soul
Irma Thomas: In Between Tears
Temples: Sun Structures
TLC: CrazySexyCool
Titus Andronicus: The Monitor
Tranzmit: Ubertragung (Cassette)
Sharon Van Etten: Are We There
Vampire Weekend: Contra
Kurt Vile: Smoke Ring For My Halo
Jack White: Lazaretto
Lucinda Williams: Ramblin’ On My Mind
Wilco: Sky Blue Sky
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Show Your Bones
Neil Young: A Letter Home
*plus many more

Kevin Ayers: Sweet Deceiver
Beatles: Abbey Road (Mobile Fidelity 1980 Re)
Derek Bailey & Noel Akchote: Close to the Kitcen
Buzzcocks: A Different Kind of Tension
Der Blutharsch: Werkschau 1997 : 2010 
John Cage: Sonatas & Interludes / A Book of Music
Captain Beefheart: Safe As Milk
John Coltrane: Om
Betty Davis: Nasty Gal
Devo: Are We Not Men? We are Devo! (Marble Vinyl)
Eric Dolphy: Out To Lunch
Genesis P-Orridge & Stan Bingo: What’s History
Greyboy: 15 Years of West Coast Cool
Herbie Hancock: Mwandishi
Hard Corps: Clean Tables Have to be Burnt
David Holland Quartet: Conference of the Birds
In Aeternam Vale: Dust Under Brightness
Joy Divison: Substance 1977-1980
Lebanon Hanover: The World is Getting Colder
Rational Youth: I Want to See the Light (12”)
Spacemen 3: Sound of Confusion
Sun Ra: Atlantis
Tanit: Can An Actor Bleed
Staple Singers: Be Altitude: Respect Yourself
The Sword: Warp Riders
Toubabou: Le Ble Et le Mil
Új Látásmód Fúzió: Fúzió Adventures
Ike Yard: S/T
*plus many more

Featured Releases


FKA Twigs: LP1 (XL)
LP1 is London-based producer, singer, songwriter, video director, classically trained ballerina, and choreographer FKA Twigs’ defining artistic statement to date. The 10-track offering builds on the success of her two previous EPs and accompanying videos (EP1 and EP2) which have elevated FKA Twigs from a word-of-mouth secret to global obsession over the past two years. LP1 features none of these previously released songs; instead each of the tracks on LP1 is brand new, born out of FKA Twigs’ artistic philosophy of spontaneous creation and collaboration in the studio.

Lee Hazlewood: The N.S.V.I.P.’s (1972)
Lee Hazlewood’s partnership with Reprise Records in the 1960s resulted in timeless hits for Dean Martin and Nancy Sinatra. Throughout the decade, though, the label also released three of the artist’s most highly regarded solo works: The N.S.V.I.P.’s, Friday’s Child and Love and Other Crimes.  Hazlewood’s 1964 sophomore album The N.S.V.I.P.’s (Not So Very Important People) is the perfect companion to his classic debut, Trouble Is a Lonesome Town, released the year prior. Setting his signature spoken intros to a new cast of small town eccentrics (perhaps modeled on his childhood locale in Mannford, Oklahoma), this early career high-point presents Hazlewood with all of his singular assets already intact: playful lyrics veering toward the bizarre, wry delivery and wonderfully understated pop-country song craft. “First Street Blues” opens The N.S.V.I.P.’s with the saga of Leroy, the once-irascible dragon who converts to a cheerful wino. The small-town drunkard’s likely story merges with fantastic whimsy in Hazlewood’s strange world. Elsewhere, he waxes absurd on “I Had a Friend” about Tarzan’s deficiencies as a citizen and marital prospect for Jane. He even imparts some simple wisdom about the presidential election on “Save Your Vote for Clarence Mudd.” As always, Hazlewood’s tongue is firmly rooted in cheek. Still, it’s easy to just forget that and live inside the poignant songs he creates for each and every one of the not so very important, but absolutely riveting, people—and dragons, too.

Also reissued:

Lee Hazlewood: Friday’s Child (1972)
Lee Hazlewood: Love and Other Crimes (1972)


Kyuss: Blues For The Red Sun (Elektra)
1992’s Blues For The Red Sun is the influential second album from short lived Palm Desert, CA stoner/desert rock trailblazers Kyuss and final release recorded by the band’s classic line-up of vocalist John Garcia, guitarist Josh Homme, bassist Nick Oliveri and drummer Brant Bjork. The explosive 14-song masterwork marks Kyuss’ first with producer and Godfather of desert rock Chris Goss and therefore the true emergence of the band’s powerful wall of sound with guitars tuned way down and amps turned way up.

Goss remembers, “It was the loudest thing I’d ever heard in my life. And that’s what I wanted to get on the record – all the frequencies clashing in the middle of the room. It was like sitting in the middle of a bowling alley when the balls are rolling down the wood. Kyuss had a rumble. I think that’s one of the reasons people love them so much, because there’s frequencies there that embrace you – you feel like you’re there with them.”
The members of Kyuss officially went their separate ways for good in 1995 after only four genre defining albums with Homme and Oliveri forming Queens of the Stone Age, Garcia founding groups Unida, Slo Burn, and Hermana and Bjork joining Fu Manchu. 

Also reissued:
Wretch (Elektra)
And The Circus Leaves Town (Elektra)
Welcome To Sky Valley (Elektra)

P.F. Commando: Manipulerade Mongon (Ugly Pop)
Self-released in 1979, this monster debut was the very first Swedish punk LP, packing in 15 tracks of pure three-chord punk rock at its most primal and aggressive. Vocals are alternately barked and snarled, guitars slash and buzz, the rhythm section thrashes along maniacally— no pop, no art, just PUNK.

At June Records This Week


Arcade Fire: Neon Bible
Arcade Fire: Suburbs
Bent Wind: Sussex
Brian Jonestown Massacre: Revelation
Danny Brown: XXX
The Clean: Anthology (4LP)
FKA Twigs: LP1
Lee Hazlewood: The N.S.V.I.P.’s
Lee Hazlewood: Friday’s Child
Lee Hazlewood: Love and Other Crimes
Jungle: S/T
Mike and the Censations: Don’t Sell Your Soul
Fela Kuti: Fela Kuti & his Koola Lobitos
Kyuss: Wretch
Kyuss: Blues from the Red Sun
Kyuss: Welcome to Sky Valley
Kyuss: And the Circus Leaves Town
Perfect Pussy: Say Yes to Love
P.F. Commando: Manipulerade Mongon
Reigning Sound: Shattered
Spoon: They Want My Soul
Swans: To Be Kind
Thor’s Hammer: If You Knew
White Fence: For the Recently Found Innocent
White Stripes: S/T
White Stripes: White Blood Cells
*plus many more

ADULT.: Anxiety Always
Bauhaus: Mask
Bauhaus: Burning from the Inside
Art Blakey: Bag Of Blues
Art Blakey: A Night At Birdland
George Brigman & Split: I Can Hear The Ants Dancin’
Brass Fever: Time Is Running Out (sealed)
The Clash: Combat Rock
Cheech & Chong: Big Bambu (w/ rolling papers!)
Cypress Hill: Skull and Bones
Alice Coltrane: Reflection On Creation & Space (A Five Year View)
Greg Hatza: Organized Jazz
Headhunters: Survival Of the Fittest (White Label Promo)
Eddie Kendricks: People…Hold On 
Steve Lacy/Brion Gyson: Songs (Swiss Import LP/7”)
Love: Forever Changes (OG Stereo)
Charles Mingus: The Great Concert Of Charles Mingus (OG French Pressing)
Yoko Ono: Season Of Glass (sealed)
Lou Reed: Metal Machine Music 
Archie Shepp: Kwanza
Roy Shirley: Return Of The High Priest
Spleen: The Sound Of Feeling 
Squirrel Nut Zipper: Hot
Dusty Springfield: A Brand New Me
Dusty Springfield: Where Am I Going?
Charles Sullivan: Genesis 
Sun Ra: Sound Of Joy
Television: Adventure (Original)
V/A: Canadian Talent Library (ft. Gordon Lightfoot)
Zombies: Odyssey & Oracle (1969 Press, Rare Alternate Cover)
*plus many more

+ 12” Singles: We’ve priced out many crates of: Disco, House & Techno singles for all you “chune” diggers to feast.

Used: Audio Technica LP60 (trade-in)

Featured Releases


Bruce Haack: The Electric Lucifer Book II (Telephone Explosion)
Bruce Haack is perhaps best known for his innovative and engaging (and extremely hard to find) electronic records for children made from the mid/late 60’s through the 70’s and even into the 80’s. Current ‘electronic’ acts and collectors seek these albums out for their exciting use of homemade synthesizers (homemade because it was difficult to find much else in the mid 60’s), all built by Bruce himself to enhance his and his musical cohorts’ (dance instructor Esther Nelson, pianist Praxiteles Pandel and numerous children) fun and instructional songs in which the children lucky enough to hear them were invited to participate, learn, dance and sing. Many of the songs on these albums gave hints of Bruce’s intellectual side, but it was his one major label release, The Electric Lucifer, put out by Columbia in 1970 (all other albums were released on Bruce and friends’ own label, Dimension 5), that better showed just what Bruce was capable of: a groundbreaking mixture of contemporary rock, futuristic electronic sounds, and high-concept philosophic poetry. To quote Bruce from the liner notes of that album, ‘I have unblocked a few media — both philosophical and technical — this is a good age of unblocking.’ Musically, it was sort of a blend of the Moody Blues and Kraftwerk, four years before the latter would even begin to create the sounds for which they would best be remembered. The album explored the war between Heaven and Hell, with Earth being caught in the middle, and asserted that even Lucifer could be forgiven if only there was enough love in the world. This may have been too much for the mainstream to handle, unsurprisingly, so Bruce continued recording and releasing great albums on Dimension 5. In 1979, however, he would revisit his earlier hallowed ground and record The Electric Lucifer Book 2, which remained unreleased in Bruce’s lifetime (he died in 1988), but now, finally, the rest of the world will be able to hear the fabulous sequel, as Bruce intended it to be heard. The context of the sequel is one in which Satan, fancying himself a ‘mean ole devil,’ tries to tempt a young Jesus by telling him about all the hurt and betrayals he will go through in life before his dramatic death. There are tender moments, funny moments, and frightening moments, but all moments end up catchy or moving or both. The album is no more ‘religious’ than works by Dante or Milton; Bruce merely uses well-known mythologies and icons to explore his own ideas about a universe that is bigger than anything anyone could say about it — a universe made smaller by words themselves. And behind the ideas is the best damn electronic album you never heard! While Book One involved ‘professional’ singers and friends being brought in to sing along with Bruce’s homemade electronic voice, which he called ‘Farad,’ Book 2 is purely Bruce. The entire album is sung using his somehow very moving robot/vocoder vocals. The music is more Kraftwerk this time than Moody Blues — imagine that the Residents made an album about works by Dante or Milton, and then for some reason had Kraftwerk re-record the whole thing and you will begin to describe the wondrously strange beauty that dominates this album. Bruce was always somewhat prophetic in his works and in predictions to friends (he once described a future age in which all music would be shared by everyone — though who could have predicted Metallica), and the highly insightful lyrics on this album will give plenty of philosophic fodder to be discussed ‘round the ole jukebox, while the music coming from it will set your soul a-tappin’.

Life In Vacuum: 5 (Skeletal Lightning/New Damage)
Life In Vacuum was born in late 2006 shortly after brothers Sasha and Ross Chornyy moved to Canada from Ukraine. They recruited Dylan Bravener after meeting at a local pizza shop and completed the line up. Early years were spent crafting their sound, releasing two EPs and playing across Canada. Following their 2010 “Commander Clark” release came hundreds of shows and thousands of miles of DIY touring in North America. With the brand new LP “5” under their belt Life In Vacuum have no plans on stopping. The LP is equal parts Constantines and DD/MM/YYYY with a healthy dose of Kitchener/Waterloo aggression. 

Shabazz Palaces: Lese Majesty (Sub Pop)
Herein bumps and soars Lese Majesty, the new sonic action of Shabazz Palaces. Honed and primal, chromed and primo. A unique and glorified offering into our ever-uniforming musical soundscape. Lese Majesty is a beatific war cry, born of a spell, acknowledging that sophistication and the instinctual are not at odds; Indeed an undoing of the lie of their disparate natures. Lese Majesty is not a launching pad for the group’s fan base increasing propaganda. It is a series of astral suites, recorded happenings, shared. A dare to dive deep into Shabazz Palaces sounds, vibrations unfettered. A dope-hex thrown from the compartments that have artificially contained us all and hindered our sublime collusion. These reveries were sent to Palaceer Lazaro and Fly Guy ‘Dai in the year of gun beat battles in excess; In a succession of days, whilst walking in dreams and in varied transcendental states…(every minute of every day is filled with observation and composition. In action). Songs are committed and gathered by robots at Protect and Exalt Labs, a Black Space in Seattle, Washington.

Spoon: They Want My Soul (Republic)
Artful Austin, TX rock ‘n’ rollers Spoon make their welcome return with They Want My Soul, the band’s long awaited eighth full-length offering and first since 2010’s Transference. The loose and upbeat 10-song set finds the band working with outside producers for the first time - Joe Chiccarelli (Beck, U2, Tori Amos) and Dave Fridman (MGMT, Weezer, OK Go) - as well as new member Alex Fischel from Britt Daniels’ side supergroup Divine Fits. Lauded by NPR Music as “unmistakably a Spoon record, with fantastically infectious grooves and melodies,” They Want My Soul is preceded by the punchy swagger of lead single “Rent I Pay” and also boasts a cover of Ann-Margret’s “I Just Don’t Understand.”

"The album was recorded this past winter, mostly at Public HiFi in Austin and Tarbox in Cassadaga, NY. It was the first time we’ve had the chance to work with Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, MGMT, Creaming Jesus) and we’re pretty sure that the levels indicate this to be our loudest record — it’s also Deux Deux’s favorite…Side One begins with the gnarliest Jim Eno drum sound ever recorded and Side Two ends with Rob Pope’s bass amp completely breaking down to fuzz + hiss at the end of a take. The record’s got beats, whispers, chants, guitars, whistles, secret codes, and horror-movie strings. It’s got songs about holy rollers, back masking, real life properties of physics, love during the apocalypse and a brief reappearance of Jonathon Fisk." - Britt Daniels
"Weird Al" Yankovic: Mandatory Fun (RCA)
Weird Al is the biggest-selling comedy recording artist in history with over 12 million album sales. Now entering his fourth career decade, he has won 3 Grammys (with 14 nominations) and countless awards and accolades for Weird Al classics like “Eat It,” “Like a Surgeon,” “Fat,” “Smells Like Nirvana,” “Amish Paradise,” and “The Saga Begins.” His most recent album, 2011’s Alpocalypse, which featured the Lady Gaga parody “Perform This Way,” charted at #9 on the Billboard Top 200 – the highest debut of his storied career.
Mandatory Fun is Weird Al’s 14th studio album and it finds the entertainer depicted as a military leader on a war propaganda poster on its cover. The album’s many hilarious parodies include: “Tacky” (Pharrell’s “Happy”), “Word Crimes” (Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”), “Foil” (Lorde’s “Royals”), “Handy” (Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”), “Sports Song” (college football fight songs), “First World Problems” (Pixies), “Mission Statement” (Crosby, Stills and Nash) and “Lame Claim to Fame” (Southern Culture on the Skids).


At June Records This Week


Arcade Fire: Reflektor
Chet Baker: Sings
Beach Boys: Pet Sounds
Byrds: Greatest Hits
Do Make Say Think: S/T
S. Carey: Range of Light
Elvis Costello & The Roots: Wise Up Ghost (remixes 10”)
Jenny Lewis: Voyager
Flaming Lips: The Terror
Bruce Haack: Electric Lucifer Book II
Jimi Hendrix: Live At Woodstock
Hole: Celebrity Skin
Jamiroquai: Return Of The Space Cowboy
Billy Joel: The Stranger
Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart (12”)
Alicia Keys: Songs In A Minor
Life In Vacuum: 5
Bob Marley: Natty Dread
Bob Marley & The Wailers: Rastaman Vibration
Pulp: His N Hers (Deluxe)
Rush: Rush (Rediscovered Box Set)
Shabazz Palaces: Lese Majesty
Frank Sinatra: Songs For Swingin’ Lovers
Spoon: They Want My Soul
Sufjan Stevens: Come On Feel The Illinoise!
Tears For Fears: Songs From The Big Chair
Chad Van Gaalen: Shrink Dust
Amy Winehouse: Back to Black
Stevie Wonder: Talking Book
Yardbirds: Little Games (Splatter Vinyl)
Weird Al Yankovic: Mandatory Fun
*plus many more

Beatles: Introducing…Endland’s No. 1 Vocal Group
Blendcrafters: Blend Crafters Vol. One
David Bowie: Aladdin Sane
David Bowie: Young Americans
David Bowie: Station to Tation
Breakestra: Dusk til Dawn
Common Sense: One Day It’ll All Make Sense (2LP Promo)
Freddie Cruger: Just Chillin’ in the Spot (12”)
Bob Dylan: Bringing it All Back Home (Original Mono)
Dday One: Loop Extensions (Sealed)
Elvis Costello: My Aim is True
Exile: Radio AM/FM (EP)
FaltyDL: Hardcourage
FaltyDL: Mean Streets Part One (12”)
Fat Freddys Drop: Dr. Boondigga & the Big BW
Flying Lotus: L.A. EP 2 X 3
Pierre Henry/Michel Colombeir: Messe Pour Le Temps Present
Jay Are: The 1960’s Jazz Revolution Again
Jesus & Mary Chain: Darklands (Original)
Juju Orchestra: Bossa Nova is Not a Crime
Led Zeppelin: II
Led Zeppelin: IV
Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains the Same
Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy
Led Zeppelin: Unburried Dead Zeppo’s Grave (1969 Bootleg)
Sven Libaek: Ron & Val Taylor’s Inner Space (OST)
Madlib: Madlib Medicine Show Vol. 11
John McLaughlin: Extrapolation
Major Problems: The Effects Can Last Forever (NuGroove 12”)
Monty Cantsin: Neoist Songs
Motorhead: Ace of Spades (Original)
Mount Kimbie: Crooks & Lovers
Nas: It Was Written
Pink Floyd: The Wall
Quantic & His Combo Barbaro: Tradition in Transition
Raekwon: Only Built for Cuban Linx Part II
Ramones: Rocket to Russia (Original)
John Robinson: Who Is This Man
RJD2: The Colossus
Rush: S/T
Rush: Caress of Steel
Rush: Archives (3LP)
Saukrates: Hate Runs Deep (12”)
Tokimonsta: Midnight Menu
T. Rex: Electric Warrior
Organized Konfusion: The Equinox (Unofficial)
David Vangel: Breadth Control
Yardbirds: Shapes of Things (Original UK 2LP)
Zappa/Mothers: Roxy & Elsewhere
V/A: Mr. Magic’s Rap Attack
V/A: Ninja Tune & If Music Present: If Music is 10
V/A: Music for Dancefloors - The KPM Music Library (Strut)
*plus many more

Featured Releases


Albert Ayler Trio: Spiritual Unity (ESP-Disk)
Spiritual Unity is an album by the American jazz saxophonist Albert Ayler, with bassist Gary Peacock and percussionist Sunny Murray. It was recorded for the ESP-Disk label and was a key free jazz recording which brought Ayler to international attention as it was so shockingly different. It features two versions of Ayler’s most famous composition, “Ghosts”.
Cocteau Twins: Blue Bell Knoll (4AD)
When they first emerged in the early 80s, the Cocteau Twins were compared most often to Siouxsie & The Banshees, but in truth they never sounded like anyone – or anything – else. Taken together, their nine albums, and sixteen EPs/singles, sound less like a band and more like an element of nature. Which was very 4AD. Ivo Watts-Russell has always claimed that his aim was to unearth music that was timeless, free of any trend, movement or era and even in their earliest incarnation, the Cocteau Twins were true to that remit, firmly charting their own course.

Blue Bell Knoll is the fifth album by the Cocteau Twins. Originally released in 1988 by 4AD in the UK and Capitol in the US, Pitchfork listed the album as one of the best albums of the 1980s. This was the band’s first full studio album to be released in the US via a distribution deal with Capitol. The album also marked a major turning point for the band. Robin Guthrie stated, “At first you’re just trying to make a record, and then you’re trying to make a really good record. And then you’re trying to go further…Blue Bell Knoll was a really important record to me. It really sticks as one of my favorites. Perhaps not because of how it came out, although it is quite listenable, but because of the experience of making it.” 
Jungle: Jungle (XL)
Based around a core musical duo known simply as ‘J’ and ‘T’ who expand to a thrilling seven piece live band, Jungle make mesmeric, modern soul with true global appeal. Jungle can be described as a complex mixture of things and the London based collective have claimed the moniker because their music conveys just that. Combining what The Guardian notes as “tribal in terms of rhythm but postpunk in sensibility” and Brooklyn Vegan proclaims has “a real vintage-ness here, recalling the period of funk and soul just as those genres started transitioning into disco,” Jungle has quickly perked the curiosity of media across the globe.

With an intriguing online debut last year through a set of clever music videos for singles “Platoon” (starring B-Girl Terra) and “The Heat” (starring High Rollarz), it was soon reveled that the group’s main figures were a duo of West London artists known as J and T. 4 Million views later of the “Platoon” music video plus mentions on the BBC Sound of 2014 Longlist and Spotify’s 2014 Spotlight list, the duo, joined by five close friends, set out to play their first set of live shows in London. Hailed by The Fly as “impressively slick, they pack their skillfully crafted tracks with complex layers of old-skool hip hop beats, hypnotising grooves, all dressed with rich, soulful vocals and presented with striking unity,” you will not want to miss Jungle in 2014.

Phish: Fuego (JEMP)
Fuego is Phish’s twelfth studio album and first in nearly five years following 2009’s Joy. The songs for Fuego took shape during a series of visits to Phish’s longtime creative hub, The Barn, a rustic, reconstructed barn-turned-rehearsal/recording studio located outside Burlington, Vermont. There they explored dozens of ideas, which led to a notable shift in the band’s songwriting approach. While Fuego includes tracks that individual members brought to the table in usual Phish fashion, the bulk of the material was written by all four, working together at The Barn.
Before heading into the recording studio with producer Bob Ezrin, Phish took the new music to its fans on October 31, 2013. Breaking with the band’s Halloween tradition of donning a “musical costume” and covering another artist’s album in its entirety, Phish instead played their brand new album (as it then stood). In a live review of the show, which was the first of three sold-out nights at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ, Rolling Stone praised the set of brand new songs, observing that it was “packed with all the punches you would expect from Phish – cow funk, prog rock, arena rock, roots rock - and elements that span the history of [rock] & roll at large…”


At June Records This Week


Albert Ayler Trio: Spiritual Unity 

Courtney Barnett: The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas**
Blur: Parklife
Johnny Cash: 16 Biggest Hits (180g)
Cocteau Twins: Blue Bell Knoll
Cousins: Halls Of Wickwire
Lana Del Rey: Born To Die
Ben Frost: Aurora
Gang Starr: Step Into The Arena
Lauryn Hill: The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill
Etta James: 19 Greatest Hits 
Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart (12”)
July Talk: July Talk
Jungle: Jungle 
Kiss: Kiss
Knife: Knife
Jenny Lewis: Voyager
Little Dragon: Nabuma Rubberband
Madlib: Shades Of Blue**
Janelle Monae: Archandroid
Janelle Monae: Electric Lady
Morrissey: World Peace Is None Of Your Business**
Phish: Fuego**
William Onyeabor: Who Is William Onyeabor?
Otis Redding: Lonely & Blue
Sonny Rollins: Bridge**
Roots: Things Fall Apart**
Snoop Doggy Dogg: Doggy Style 
Thievery Corporation: Saudade
Tobacco: Ultima II Massage
2Pac: All Eyez On Me
Kanye West: 808s and Heartbreak
Jack White: Blunderbuss**
Viet Cong: Cassette (12” EP)
**arrives tomorrow
*plus many more

Cannonball Adderley & Ernie Andrews: Live Session!
Chet Baker & The Carmel Strings: Quietly There
Big Black: Headache EP
Kenny Burrell: Introducing
Donald Byrd: Ethiopian Knights
Donald Byrd: Black Byrd
Donal Byrd: Street Lady (Original)
John Cage: Sonatas and Interlude For Prepared Piano/A Book Of Music For Two Prepared Pianos
Crap Detectors: Cut The Crap
Cream: Disraeli Gears
Miles Davis: The Original Quintet (First Recording)
DJ Polo & Kool G. Rap: It’s a Demo / I’m Fly (12”)
The Doors: Apocalypse Now (OST)
E-Types Vs. Mystic Tide: LA vs. NY (French Import)
The Fall: The Frenz Experiment (OG UK w/ 7”)
Donny Hathaway: Extension Of A Man (Original)
Henry Cow: Henry Cow (Promo)
Henry Cow: Henry Cow ’78
The Ice Man’s Band: Introducing (Sealed)
Michael Jackson: This Time Around (2x12”)
Bob James: One (Original)
The Kinks: Kinks-Size (1974 US Repress)
Kool & The Gang: Spirit Of Boogie
Kraftwerk: The Man Machine
Jimmy McGriff: Soul Sugar
Jimmy McGriff: The Mean Machine (Sealed)
Roscoe Mitchell: Old/Quartet
Monk Montgomery: Bass Odyssey
My Bloody Valentine: Loveless (Plain RE)
The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band ft. Steve Hoffman (
Nektar: Remember The Future (OG German Quad Pressing)
Neutral Milk Hotel: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
New Order: Brotherhood
The Nice: The Thoughts Of Emerlist Jack (Sealed)
Van Dyke Parks: Super Chief
Peddlers: Three In A Cell (Original)
Pere Ubu: Terminal Tower: An Archival Collection
Pink Floyd: Meddle
Public Image LTD.: Second Edition
Radio Alarm Clocks: Wake Me When It’s Over
Savage Republic: Ceremonial
Bob Seger System: Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man
Jimmy Smith: Jimmy Smith At The Organ Vol. 1
Nina Simone: ‘Nuff Said!
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Kaleidoscope
Otis Spann: The Blues Never Die
Staple Singers: Bealtitude: Respect Yourself (Original)
Strawberry Alarm Clock: Good Morning Starshine (Original)
Strawberry Alarm Clock: The World In A Sea Shell (Original)
Strawberry Alarm Clock: Incense & Peppermints (Original)
Sun Ra: Angels & Demons At Play
Swans: Holy Money (Test Pressing)
The Third Rail: ID Music (Original American Pressing)
V/A: Tobacco A-Go-Go: North Carolina Rock N’ Roll In The Sixties
Vienna Art Orchestra: From No Time To Rag Time
The Winkies: The Winkies
X: Wild Gift (Original)
*plus many more

Featured Releases

Alvvays: Alvvays (Royal Mountain)
Molly Rankin (lead vocals/guitar) and Kerri Maclellan (keyboards) grew up as next-door neighbours in Cape Breton, lifting fiddles and singing folk-songs. Now with the help of, Alec O’Hanley (guitar), Brian Murphy (bass) and Phil MacIsaac (drums) they make, jingle-jangling sun-splashed fuzz pop. Produced by Chad VanGaalen.

Beyoncé: Beyoncé (Columbia)
Featuring 14 tracks on 2LPs and 17 accompanying videos on DVD. Beyonce’s new self-titled album is the artist’s fifth solo studio effort and first visual album. Beyonce is infused with 14 new songs and 17 visually stunning, provocative videos shot around the world from Houston to New York City to Paris, and Sydney to Rio de Janeiro, all before the album’s release. “I see music,” says Beyoncé about her decision to create a visual album. “It’s more than just what I hear. When I’m connected to something, I immediately see a visual or a series of images that are tied to a feeling or an emotion, a memory from my childhood, thoughts about life, my dreams or my fantasies. And they’re all connected to the music.”

For an artist who has been the target of leaks, this is a fully designed preventative plan. The album will be offered as a cohesive body of work with every song and every video available all at once for one single purchase. While not a concept album, the record is designed to be consumed as a comprehensive audio/visual piece from top to bottom. The antithesis of making singles, the visual album is a non-linear journey through the thoughts and visions of Beyoncé. Not one to stand on past achievements, this is an artist who thrives on evolving, challenging herself and raising the bar. This creative process gave Beyoncé power over her music and provided an opportunity to control how the music is heard. She is not playing by the rules and breaking what is expected, preferring to put music out as an entire body of work.

OOIOO: Gamel (Thrill Jockey)
OOIOO has always created a musical language all its own. Under the leadership of Yoshimi, also a founding member of Boredoms, the group has recorded six albums that have subverted expectations and warped perceptions of what constitutes pop and experimental music. Four years of work went into to making Gamel, their bold new album inspired by the Javanese style of gamelan and the first new music from Yoshimi in over five years. Gamelan is an ancient form that has inspired a great many composers and musicians over the past century, from Erik Satie and Claude Debussy to Mouse on Mars and Sun City Girls. The introduction of this traditional form transformed the group into a super tribe, side-stepping the road between the past and the future. Their focus is not to replicate these ancient styles, but to incorporate them into their consistently inventive, constantly shifting musical frameworks. They take their love of indigenous music into an entirely new dimension by freely weaving organic and electric tones into a vivid tapestry, employing their keen sense of color and texture.


PS I Love You: For Those Who Stay (Paper Bag)
Paul Saulnier and Benjamin Nelson raised their band from Kingston’s lowest places, from bars and basements and late-night pits of the heart, above the swirling fug of death dreams and depression, until this two-piece rock’n’roll act was like a black and red corona setting St George’s aglow. And then while Nelson minded the fort(s), Paul left home – to Toronto, following his heart. For Those Who Stay was encouraged by the girding strength of love but of course it’s still dredging and confused, of course it’s still resplendent in its churn. Maybe it’s the sound of leaving home and still hearing it calling.

Reigning Sound: Shattered (Merge)
Shattered is Reigning Sound’s first album for Merge and the first full LP from the group since 2009’s Love and Curses. The band’s principal songwriter/member is Greg Cartwright, who’s been leading the shifting cast of characters since 2001. You may be familiar with some of the band’s work, as this album is preceded by five studio efforts as well as numerous EPs and live records. Or perhaps some of Greg’s other projects have been on your musical radar: The Oblivians, Parting Gifts, Compulsive Gamblers, 68 Comeback, Deadly Snakes, Detroit Cobras.


Josef Van Wissem & SQURL: Only Lovers Left Alive OST (ATP Recordings)
ATP Recordings are proud to release the original soundtrack from Jim Jarmusch’s crypto-vampire love story Only Lovers Left Alive.Out now on Double 180g 12” Blood Red Vinyl (with download code), Featuring Jim Jarmusch’s band SQÜRL, Jozef Van Wissem and Yasmine Hamdan, plus guest appearances by Zola Jesus and Madeline Follin from Cults.


White Fence: For The Recently Found Innocent (Drag City)
For the Recently Found Innocent is many things - the fifth White Fence album, the first White Fence album to be recorded outside the bedroom fence (with live drumming!), the first White Fence record to be produced for Drag City. Plus also, a sophomore pump: the second time that Tim Presley and Ty Segall have met to record music (does anyone remember Hair?), this time pure and simply committed in the name of White Fence. Inevitably, the collision at the intersection of all these winding roads is a beautiful pileup of deep impacts, graceful lines and open space embodied in sound, White on White, compacted for your eyes and ears to believe.

In the tale of For the Recently Found Innocent, Presley has succeeded in bringing his signature role, that of the hissing reptilian wraith, to the magnesium screen. Moving with the sidewalks in the first rippling of the light, our gimlet-eyed hero is steeped in the time-honored practice of hand-eye coordination known as ‘rhythmatism’; master of verbal acrobatics (always sticking the landing) and palm-reading melodies, where he proves uncannily prescient in tracing where the lifeline goes as moves it through the path of verse-chorus-bridge-et al.
V/A: Tropicalia - Ou Panis Et Circencis (Soul Jazz Records)
This is the compilation that helped to define the sound of Tropicalia, whose artists made huge and influential strides in creating exotic pop that was as influenced by psychedelia as it was by samba, bossa nova, and more traditional South American genres. Tropicalia not only includes tracks from the label’s most important acts (Gilberto Gil, Os Mutantes, Caetano Veloso Gal Costa), but presents a large number of collaborations between these artists, many of which are simply amazing. Given the fact that many of the original Tropicalia releases have not been reissued or are not widely available, the compilation stands as a near-definitive package for the sound, and a great opportunity for anyone unfamiliar with the artists to experience an amazing and hugely important genre.


At June Records This Week


Alt-J: An Awesome Wave
Alvvays: Alvvays
Animal Collective: Feels
Bad Brains: S/T
Erykah Badu: Baduizm
Band of Horses: Everything All The Time
Chris Bell: I Am The Cosmos
Beyonce: S/T
Black Milk & Danny Brown: Black and Brown
Jeff Buckley: Grace
Built To Spill: Keep It Like A Secret
Can: S/T (Import)
Can: Delay 1968 (Import)
Can: Flow Motion (Import)
Can: Landed (Import)
Can: Monster Movie (Import)
Can: Saw Delight (Import)
Can: Soon Over Babaluma (Import)
Can: Soundtracks (Import)
Can: Unlimited Edition (Import)
Ray Charles: 24 Greatest Hits (Import)
The Clash: London Calling
Alice Coltrane: A Monastic Trio
John Coltrane: A Love Supreme
The Cure: Disintegration
D’Angelo: Voodoo
Lana Del Rey: Paradise
Lana Del Rey: Ultraviolence
Diana: Perpetual Surrender
Dr. Dre: The Chronic
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong: Classic Album Collection (Import)
Lee Fields & the Expressions: Emma Jean
Fleetwood Mac: Rumours
Funkadelic: Maggot Brain
Gang of Four: Entertainment!
GZA/Genius: Liquid Swords
HAIM: Days Are Gone
Jon Hopkins: Immunity
J Dilla: Donuts (7” box)
Jay Z: The Blueprint
Jaylib: Champion Sound
Jeru The Damaja: The Sun Rises In The East
The Jesus and Mary Chain: Psychocandy
Junior Kimbrough: First Recordings (10”)
The Knife: Silent Shout
Talib Kweli & Madlib: Liberation
LCD Soundsystem: This Is Happening
Madvillain: Madvillany
The Mars Volta: Amputechture (Ltd. ed. colour vinyl)
MC5: Kick Out The Jams
Paul McCartney: Band On The Run
MF Doom: Special Herbs 5 & 6 (Ltd. ed. + 7”)
MF Doom: Mm… Food
Mobb Deep: The Infamous
The Modern Lovers: S/T
Modest Mouse: The Moon & Antarctica
Modest Mouse: Good News For People Who Love Bad News
Nas: Illmatic
The National: Boxer
OOIOO: Gamel
Outkast: Aquemini
Pearl Jam: Ten
Pearl Jam: Vs.
Pixies: Surfer Rosa
Pixies: Doolittle
Postal Service: Give Up - Deluxe (Ltd. ed.)
PS I Love You: For Those Who Stay
Q Tip: The Renaissance
Lou Reed: Transformer
Reigning Sound: Shattered
The Roots: How I Got Over
The Roots: Rising Down
The Shins: Oh, Inverted World
Paul Simon: Graceland - 25th Anniversary
Sonic Youth: Daydream Nation (2LP 2014 Reissue)
Stiff Little Fingers: Inflammable Material
The Strokes: Is This It
T. Rex: The Slider
Tame Impala: Innerspeaker
Thom Yorke: The Eraser
A Tribe Called Quest: The Low End Theory
TV On The Radio: Return To Cookie Mountain (Import)
Jozef Van Wissem/SQURL: Only Lovers Left Alive OST
Townes Van Zandt: Live at The Old Quarter - Houston, TX
Townes Van Zandt: S/T
Tom Waits: Rain Dogs
The War on Drugs: Lost in the Dream
Weezer: Blue Album (ltd. ed.)
Kanye West: College Dropout
Kanye West: Late Registration
Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
White Fence: For The Recently Found Innocent
Bill Withers: Just As I Am
Bill Withers: Still Bill
V/A: Tropicalia - Ou Panis Et Circencis
*plus many more

Rance Allen Group: The Rance Allen Group
Baden: Fresh Winds
Bathory: Under The Sign Of The Black Mark (Blue Vinyl)
Bathory: Hammerheart (Gold Vinyl)
Bathory: Blood Fire Death (White Vinyl)
Boards Of Canada: Tomorrow’s Harvest
Joao Bosco: Galos De Briga (Brazilian Press)
James Brown: Body Heat
Danny Brown: Old (4LP Box Set)
Neko Case: The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You
Rhys Chatham: Factor X (German)
Clash: Combat Rock
Ornette Coleman: The Shape Of Jazz To Come
Crabby Appleton: Crabby Appleton (Sealed)
The Cramps: Bad Music For Bad People (Original)
The Cramps: Songs The Lord Taught Us (Original)
The Cramps: Psychedelic Jungle
The Cramps: A Date With Elvis
Daft Punk: Discovery
Holy Modal Rounders: Alleged In The Own Time
Holy Modal Rounders: Good Taste Is Timeless
Syl Johnson: Diamond In The Rough (Sealed)
The Joneses: The Joneses
Alicia Meyers: Alicia
Chris McGregor: Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood Of Breath
Jackie McLean: Live At Montmartre (Danish Pressing)
The Moon: The Moon
Opeth: Ghost Reveries (Sealed)
Emitt Rhodes: Emitt Rhodes (Sealed)
Rockets: Plasteroid
Lalo Schifrin: Black Widow
Gil Scott-Heron: The Mind Of
Lonnie Smith: Afro-Desia (Sealed)
Lonnie Smith: Think! (Sealed)
Gabor Szabo: More Sorcery
Toots & The Maytals: Funky Kingston
Moe Tucker: Moejadkatebarry
Turtles: Happy Together
Underground All-Stars (Kim Fowley): Extremely Heavy
Melvin Van Peebles: As Serious As A Heart Attack (Sealed)
Zomby: With Love (3LP Sealed)
*plus many more

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